In this time of refinition, it is time for solidarity. Many are mobilizing to support small traders who are forced to close administratively. As in the first detention, Disneyland Paris theme park has decided to donate several million euros in food and equipment to various associations.

Disneyland Paris reaffirms the solidarity operation

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In fact, during the first detention, the amusement park decided to offer more than 15 tons of food to charity in order to avoid food waste. The Restos du Cœur or the Secours populaire were able to benefit from food and other medical products.

Affected by this re-enclosure, the park has been forced to close its doors to the public since October 29th. Therefore, given the situation, the American company repeated the operation with the help of several volunteers. They distributed fruit, vegetables, meat, frozen products and groceries to several local associations.

In total, as reported by Le Parisien, the park has delivered 27 pallets of groceries to Secours populaire since the beginning of the week, and the Restos du Cœur have received 6 pallets of food and 200 kilos of minced steak.

In a press release published by Disneyland Paris, we learn that other associations such as the Red Cross or the Food Bank can also benefit from these donations.

In total, Disneyland Paris has already donated 6 million euros to food and staple foods since March last year, when the government declared the first prison sentence. Throughout the year the park shows solidarity with actions with associations like Emmaus or Pour un rire. In addition to these food donations, Disneyland Paris had allowed several families in the Paris area to come for free to enjoy the attractions during the summer vacation.