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Arthur and Guinevere’s relationship will never be the same

In Kaamelott, Arthur Pendragon’s and Guinevere’s relationship is very complicated, if not stormy. But with Kaamelott: Premier Volet, the relationship of the royal spouses will never be the same again.

Warning: This article contains key revelations from the film Kaamelott: Premier Volet. If you haven’t seen the movie, come back after watching it.

A love kiss?

Kaamelott: Premier Volet was released a few weeks ago and signed the return of our favorite characters to the big screen. After the events of Book VI, Alexandre Astier’s film is pure pleasure. We invite you to discover our full review of the film, guaranteed to be spoiler free. The film surprised fans very generously, in particular with one scene: the kiss of Arthur and Guinevere on the initiative of the King of Logres. Was it a love kiss? Or an ambiguous sign that Arthur is finally accepting his fate? That’s what we’ll talk about today.

In Kaamelott: Premier Volet, Arthur is reminded of the gods (see the various meteorological events) and seems to take fate back into hand, which he began to discard through his marriage to Mevanwi at the beginning of Book IV. One could therefore think that Arthur is resigned and accepts the various peculiarities of his fate, which suggests a harmonious relationship with Guinevere. However, to summarize the reasons for this kiss to this one resignation, one would ignore the evolution of the character of the Queen of Logres since the beginning of the series.

When the Kaamelott universe includes many important characters, sometimes one can have the weakness of not considering the character of Guinevere as one’s true worth. If the queen has remained in the shadow of her husband for a long time, then she will remain one of the main characters and, above all, one of those whose development is most advanced.

From the beginning of the series, Queen Guinevere appears as a woman despised by her husband who seeks her place. Constantly rejected, it is viewed as useless by those who consider it “stupid as a chair” and judge it for its apparent ineffectiveness in heeding. While her mother, Dame Séli, sees herself as the one who pulls the strings in Carmelite, Guinevere is barely perceptible in public as a strong female figure.

From Book V, however, things start to move, and Guinevere turns out to be resourceful in truth. While Arthur is at the bottom of the hole, it is she who, along with Perceval and Bohort, shows him the most loyalty and affection after accompanying him in his search for an heir that unfortunately ended in failure. In the same book, she managed to “nail Arthur’s beak” for the first time in the entire series.

If Arthur has always had a depressive tendency, his greatest periods of depression have undoubtedly convinced him of the importance of Guineverean. We remember the sweet words he had to her in the Lacrimosa episode (Book I, Episode 95). After drinking a potion of sadness, the ruler tenderly thanks Guinevere and takes the first steps towards an intimate relationship. At the end of Book V, when he is on the verge of suicide, he lets Guinevere take care of himself, which he had never allowed before.

At the end of Book V, Guinevere’s actual mutation also begins. While so far she has been the one who needed protection (first from her own nonsense, then from Lancelot at the end of Book IV), she is becoming the protector herself. She will bravely try to get in the way of Lancelot when he seeks Arthur to kill him. Out of love for Arthur, she manages to escape Carmélide, where she was held by her parents during Arthur’s long recovery after attempting suicide.

If in Kaamelott: First Strand we find a Guinevere locked up again that he has to save, one parameter will quickly call the savior / rescued scheme into question. In fact, Arthur learns in the Burgundian camp that Guinevere kept the corolla Arthur wore at his wedding as a talisman to ensure her husband’s safety. What if Guinevere saved Arthur from the start? Undoubtedly, the unveiling of this corolla must have had a profound impact on the king.

What future for the two spouses?

If the kiss Arthur and Guinevere exchanged seems to imply an awareness of the Breton ruler, the question of the heir still arises. In Book V, Arthur learns from the mouth of the clairvoyant Prisca (manipulated by Méléagant) that he is sterile. A revelation that overwhelms his resilience and pushes him to attempt suicide.

In the Arthurian legend, Arthur and his half-sister Anna have a child named Mordred who will be responsible for his death. In Book VI, Anna appears in Arthur’s Dream, and a strange dialogue ensues that signals the worst for Arthur and Guinevere’s relationship.

Anna: How would you like to sleep with your stepsister?

Arthur: What?

Anna: Do you want to sleep with me …?

Arthur: But we are not allowed to!

Anna: But I don’t ask you if we have the right, I ask you if you like it.

Arthur: I honestly don’t think so.

Anna: You will still make it. Trust me you will do it …

So Alexandre Astier could decide to join the Arthurian legend, with an incestuous relationship between Arthur and Anna. What if Guinevere could do its part? We can well imagine Anna transforming into Guinevere to have sex with her half-brother, and thus coming full circle. Indeed, Arthur’s half-sister is obsessed with the fact that Uther Pendragon took the appearance of the Duke of Gorlais to sleep with Ygerne (Arthur was born from this relationship) before murdering his ex-boyfriend.

We talked about this theory in another article, where we came back to five theories about the entire Kaamelott film trilogy. If you enjoyed this article, please share how you saw the relationship between Arthur and Guinevere evolve.


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