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Berlin / Frankfurt / Wiesbaden (dpa) – Hessian Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) responded promptly after the nightly announcement of the arrest of a suspect in the case of the threat letter “NSU 2.0”.

“If the urgent suspicion against the 53-year-old Berliner is confirmed, it will be an extraordinary success in the investigation of the Hessian law enforcement authorities,” said a statement in the morning.

Things were completely different after the first threatening letter to Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz in August 2018 – its existence was only disclosed in media reports in December 2018, as was the information that the lawyer’s personal data had been accessed by a police computer. were in a police station in Frankfurt.

The first letter was followed by more than a hundred others, not only to Basay-Yildiz, but also to comedian Idil Baydar, left-wing politician Janine Wissler and others. The signature “NSU 2.0” directly referred to the extreme right-wing terrorist cell. Basay-Yildiz had represented the relatives of the NSU series of murders as a co-prosecutor in the NSU trial. The arrested is an unemployed man with a lot of time at the computer – a lone perpetrator or someone with connections from Berlin to Hesse?

The Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office and Hessian state crime have been investigating for more than two and a half years. Public pressure increased, especially when it was found that police computers had access to personal data in three cases, which were later followed by threatening letters “NSU 2.0”. The fact that in the course of the investigation into the threat against Basay-Yildiz a chat group with right-wing and racist content within the police came to light also increased concern. In July 2020, even Interior Minister Beuth no longer ruled out the possibility of a right-wing network at the Hessian police.

On Tuesday, Beuth sounded very different again: “According to all we know today, a Hessian police officer was never responsible for NSU 2.0’s series of impending post,” he said in his statement.

The police union (GdP) was not only relieved about the arrest, but also spoke of a general suspicion under which the Hessian police in particular was under. “We deserve a public apology,” said Jens Mohrherr, the state chairman of the Hessian GdP. “The permanent public reporting that the Hessian police officers are part of a right-wing network weighs heavily on my colleagues. They are in the media every day and every night. You must be insulted, insulted, spat on, and badly hurt. “

Those involved in the threatening letters, such as Basay-Yildiz and Wissler, declined to comment on the new development on Tuesday. Because many questions remain, as Hermann Schaus also emphasizes, domestic political spokesman for the left in the Hessian state parliament. “We now have the opportunity to clarify the link between the query and the person arrested.” When the Frankfurt lawyer first wrote and retrieved data, there was only an hour and a half between the data request and the threatening fax. According to previous knowledge, there was a complete query of the entire von Basay-Yildiz family.

Over the course of the overall investigation, there were more than 70 investigations against police officers, some of which were halted due to unfounded suspicions, but some were also ended with dismissals and suspensions. This is an opportunity to shed light on this darkness. Incidentally, the entire police has never been accused.

There is also a need for clarification as to how the suspect, who has since been arrested, could have obtained blocked data. Basay-Yildiz had received threatening letters at her new address, which were marked with an express block – at a time when every police station or other authorities must have been sensitive to handling their data.

“To clarify this is just as important from my point of view as it is to clarify, because in the case of (the Berlin comedian) Idil Baydar there were two questions from a Berlin and a Wiesbaden police authority,” said Schaus. “These are all open questions that need to be answered now, including connections to the Hessian police.” With the 53-year-old’s arrest, there is now finally a chance to clean up the string of threats.

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