Apple users complains the poor build quality of iPad Air (2022) – Here’s the complete news!!

Some people say that the iPad Air (2022) isn’t built as well as the iPad Air that came before it. a few people who bought the new iPad Air before it went on sale have complained about its bad back design on social media sites. A lot of people say that the backplate of the iPad Air (2022) is a lot thinner than what was on the previous model.

Some people say that the thin build causes the furniture to creak. Apple didn’t say anything about the iPad Air (2022) when it announced it at the “Peak Performance” event earlier this month. There were no build-level changes.

They said they heard creaking sounds when they held their iPad Air (2022).

People say they were surprised when they got two blue iPad Air (2022) today. When I have an aluminum backplate, it’s much thinner than on the iPad 4 that I also have, which I also have. Almost like you can feel it through the plate on the side of the device where you hold it.”

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There were a lot of other people who agreed with this person. They said that putting their new iPad Air in a folio case would be the best way to fix the problems with the build. On Apple Community forums, some people have also talked about how the iPad Air (2022) isn’t built very well.

Clunky sounds are said to come from the back when you hold the device in both hands. Some of the people who had problems said that the problem was still there on their second and third new phones.

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Apple said in a statement earlier this month that the new iPad Air has a 100% recycled aluminum enclosure, which it said in the statement. The last-generation iPad Air called the iPad Air (2020), also had a body made of 100% recycled aluminum.

We don’t know for sure if there were any build quality-level changes made to the new iPad Air compared to the old model. However, based on the complaints from users, it is possible that Apple might have thought about making the case thinner to make room for the new hardware that includes the M1 chip.

The dimensions of the iPad Air (2022) are the same as those of the iPad Air. This is interesting (2020). The new model, on the other hand, is a little heavier, up to three grams, because of the new hardware.

Until now, there haven’t been any problems with the iPad Air (2022)’s construction. However, Gadgets 360 hasn’t done a full review of the new model yet. Stay tuned for that to learn more.

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The new iPad Air went on sale in India and around the world last week. It has a new 12-megapixel camera sensor on the front that can work with Center Stage. However, the design and display of the new model are the same as the one before it.

In 2018, the iPad Pro caused a stir because it was easy to bend, according to users and YouTubers who did durability tests. Apple responded to users’ concerns at the time by putting up a support page that said the tablet had a “strong, light, and durable” design.

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