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APAV receives complaints about Bruno de Carvalho’s love affair with ‘Big Brother’

APAV receives complaints about Bruno de Carvalho’s love affair with ‘Big Brother’

The contentious relationship between the former Sporting president and Liliana Almeida has worried viewers and commentators.

The relationship started with Big Brother

Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida. The relationship between the two competitors was unexpected and one of the reasons for further discussions in the house of “Big Brother Famous”. So much so that many viewers have directed their own complaints to the Portuguese Association for Victim Support.

It is APAV that, in statements to Delas, confirms that “messages on social networks calling for action in this case” have reached the association, although it emphasizes that it will not comment on specific cases. It is also recommended that a complaint can be lodged with the competent authorities, but also with the media regulator and TVI that broadcasts the programme.

Much criticism has been leveled at the behavior of the former Sporting president, who is inevitably the big figure of the programme. In addition to the viewers, the official commentators of Big Brother Famosos – and other public figures on social networks – have pointed the finger at the less typical behavior of Bruno de Carvalho, especially against Liliana Almeida.

The relationship, which began within the program, has been criticized for showing signs of an abusive and toxic relationship.


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