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Anyone who listens to metal is more likely to become obese

Dieting is not an easy thing. So when we add new constants to watch out for, the equation becomes even more complicated. According to some recent studies, in addition to monitoring your diet and physical activity, now you should be paying attention to the music you are listening to …

When music rhymes with weight gain

There are certain genres of music that can lead to weight gain. That is the result of one of the most recent studies on the subject, which turns out to be very serious. When dieting with the aim of perfecting your summer body, it is advisable to avoid certain types of music.

The Danes at Aarhus University have made a surprising discovery. So there is a link between the music you hear in your headphones and the upheaval in your metabolism. In short, certain sounds would make you gain weight.

Researcher Danni Peng-Li announced that he conducted a study of no fewer than 215 participants, half of whom were Chinese and half were Danish. The results then surprised everyone and showed that music had some influence on various aspects of our daily lives.


Under these great upheavals, researchers discovered that listening to aggressive music would change our eating habits. Metal and hard stone would then lead to a less healthy diet by avoiding fruit and vegetables.

On the other hand, when subjects were exposed to quieter music, they ate a much more balanced diet. This is how the researchers also established their correlation.

While for some this study turns out to be completely insane, others will appreciate the news. Especially jazz fans! The conclusions of this experiment would thus have proven that listening to music from this register would lead to better consumption and thus promote weight loss.

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