Anyone who had a ticket to the Fyre Festival will receive compensation of € 6,000

Anyone who had a ticket to the Fyre Festival will receive compensation of € 6,000

The event’s scammers filed a lawsuit against the organizers, who promised several luxury items at the festival in 2017.

The event did not go as expected.

The Fyre Festival, slated for the last weekend in April 2017, has been described as a gathering of influencers and models with concerts, luxury bungalows and parties on an island in the Bahamas. The event went wrong, and the story even resulted in a documentary on Netflix that premiered in 2019. Some of the scammers filed a joint lawsuit in court. The decision was known this week: the organizers will have to pay more than 6,000 euros to those who bought tickets for the event.

According to the New York Times, the 277 people who have a ticket for the Fyre and went to court will receive a total of 1.67 million euros. Even so, the value may be lower as the bankruptcy process of the Fyre organizers and their creditors has yet to be analyzed.

Several lawsuits had already been filed against some of the people who helped set up the entire fraud. For example, one of the co-founders, McFarland, is serving six years in prison for electronic fraud. A new hearing in the New York Bankruptcy Court is scheduled for May to approve this deal with scammers.

Dubbed a luxury, the festival ended with several people stranded in the Bahamas with no water or food and unable to return to their original destinations. In addition to Netflix, Hulu made another documentary about the controversial Fyre.

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