António-Pedro Vasconcelos’ new film is already being recorded


António-Pedro Vasconcelos has already started shooting his new film

“Km 224” will also be a three-episode mini-series. It focuses on a difficult divorce.

It is the new project by António-Pedro Vasconcelos.

The new project by António-Pedro Vasconcelos, originally called “The Innocence of the World”, is “Km 224” and is starred by José Fidalgo, Ana Varela, Joana Africano and Lia Gama.

The story follows a complicated divorce between Mário and Cláudia, who are fighting for custody of their two children, Mateus and Francisco. The way the children are raised is the main reason for the conflict between the couple. Mário, for example, is more relaxed and always prefers the joy of education. Cláudia, on the other hand, is stricter with the children in order to compensate for the poorly regulated way in which Mário brings up his children. Mateus and Francisco will be the main actors for their parents to put aside their grudges and reconcile.

“Km 224” will be a three-episode film and mini-series, as announced on the website of Leopardo Films, the producer of the project. The cast also includes Pedro Hossi, Ana Cristina Oliveira, Susana Arrais, Rui Morisson, André Gomes, Gonçalo Menino and Sebastião Matias.

Directed by António-Pedro Vasconcelos, who also signs the script together with Filipa Martins. Paulo Branco is the producer.