Anti-lockdown protest: more than 150 arrests in London | Free press


There is a partial lockdown in the British capital, which was protested on Saturday. There were clashes with the police.

London (AP) – In protests against the corona restrictions, police in London have arrested more than 150 people.

The protesters have been arrested for, among other things, ignoring the applicable Corona rules or attacking police officers, police said on Saturday after the demonstration.

In the current partial confinement, citizens in England are only allowed to leave their homes for compelling reasons such as work, shopping or caring for family members. Demonstrations are not one of the allowed exceptions. Participants marched – usually without distance or masks – through central London on Saturday. For example, their posters said, “Stop checking us” (“Stop checking us”) or “No more lockdowns” (“No more lockdowns”). There were multiple clashes with the police.