Another week minus one character in “Grey’s Anatomy”


New surprise in “Grey’s Anatomy”: another character leaving the series

Actor Greg Germann is the last to give up producing Shonda Rhimes.

Fortunately, the outcome was not marked by tragedy.

As has been characteristic of Grey’s Anatomy lately, another character left the medical series this week. This time it was Dr. Thomas Koracick, played by Greg Germann, who leaves his role as a playful doctor after four seasons. It was a notable event on episode 15 of the current season, which aired on Fox Life this Wednesday, May 26th.

Germann’s departure coincides with that of Jesse Williams, who played Jackson Avery for more than 10 seasons. Three characters have already left the series in its 17th season. Jesse Williams and Greg Germann join Giacomo Gianniotti (who played Andrew DeLuca), who died a tragic death not seen on the series since the death of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), husband of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) died in a car accident. However, the characters were reunited in the show’s final season.

Regarding Greg Germann’s departure, Krista Vernoff – the showrunner of “Grey’s Anatomy” – makes it clear that this may not be the last time we’ll see him on the show: “We’re going to miss Greg every day – but we plan to see it Thomas Koracick again ”. The series has already confirmed an 18th season so it’s always possible for some of the characters who have already left to come back one way or another.

Speaking to Deadline, the actor is grateful to his colleagues and thanks the fans: “Working with all the incredibly talented people who are involved in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was a great privilege. A big thank you to the fans because it was really a shared experience. “

Greg Germann has made minor appearances on the series since season 14, but was eventually promoted to the main cast in season 16. In this final chapter of the project, the actor played a prominent role at the Seattle Hospital. After contracting Covid-19 – a virus that is the main theme of the season – the doctor became a mentor for the other characters.