Another Portuguese film is premiering on Netflix

Get ready, another Portuguese film will premiere on Netflix

“O Leão da Estrela” joins “O Pátio das Cantigas”, “A Canção de Lisboa” and other Portuguese bets that already exist on the platform.

It’s a silly comedy.

Netflix is ​​increasingly relying on Portuguese productions for its catalog. This year alone, six national films have already arrived on the streaming platform: “Virados do Avesso”, “Os Maias: Scenes from a romantic life” and “Bad Investigate” were released in May; while “O Pátio das Cantigas”, “A Canção de Lisboa” and “Morangos com Açúcar – O Films” debuted on Netflix the following month.

This time around, Netflix’s new national bet is “O Leão da Estrela” which hits the platform this Friday, August 6th. Like “O Pátio das Cantigas” and “A Canção de Lisboa”, this film is a remake of a classic from 1947, then directed by Arthur Duarte, who was also responsible for “O Grande Elias” and “A Menina da Rádio”.

This comedy film is about Anastácio, a civil servant who is close to his family even though she is often a real headache. In addition to his family, Anastácio loves football, especially the local club Leões de Alcochete.

After several years of defeat, the club is about to return to fame. All they have to do is defeat the Barrancos do Inferno team in the Alentejo. Of course, Anastácio doesn’t want to lose this game for the world. However, his plans are in jeopardy after Joana (one of his daughters) has an accident with his car. Fortunately, there is a solution: the mechanic walking around with Anastácio’s niece offers them an 8-seater taxi. Now all they have to do is pretend they are rich to fool Eduardo Barata, a Facebook friend of Joana who owns a farm in the Alentejo.

“O Leão da Estrela” has names such as Miguel Guilherme, Sara Matos, Ana Varela, Manuela Couto, André Nunes, José Raposo, Dânia Neto, Aldo Lima, Alexandra Lencastre and Manuel Marques in the cast.

The film was directed by Leonel Vieira and premiered in Portuguese cinemas on November 26, 2015. During the first weekend, he was seen by 38,721 people. Although it had large audience participation, the film was not a hit with critics. If you are unsure about whether or not to watch the production, you can read this NiT article to clear your doubts.

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