Angry Birds is Back on Android, but as a “Paid Game” – Check Details Here!!

As of now, both iOS and Android can play the original Angry Birds game made by Rovio. It was a huge hit in the early 2010s. The classic 2D game in which players use angry birds to swing them at the complex structures of the cute but dangerous green pigs is also coming back, but this time there will be no in-app purchases this time.

After 10 years, the game is now called Rovio Classics. It comes out on Apple and Google Play Stores. There have been many spin-off games based on Angry Birds since, with different themes and gameplay. One example is Angry Birds Space, where players must use orbital pull instead of gravity.

Unity Engine: The new game is based on the Unity Engine. It’s very similar to the original, which was taken down from iOS and Android stores in August 2019 for “testing.”

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Blog post: Rovio said that Rovio Classics: Angry Birds makes the game “more sustainable” so that it can be played on newer devices, while still preserving the original 2012 Angry Birds experience. This is what they said. It works with Android 6.0 and above and iOS 13 and above.

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This game isn’t free like Angry Birds was. It now has a one-time fee of Rs 85. However, the fee gets rid of all the ads and in-app purchases that were in the first game. With no in-app purchases, people who buy the new game can use all of the power-ups that used to cost real money, like “Mighty Eagle.”