Angelina Jolie has landed on Instagram – and millions are already following her

Angelina Jolie has landed on Instagram – and already has millions of people who follow her

The actress made her debut on the social network with a touching warning about the situation in Afghanistan.

An impressive membership.

Actress, activist, philanthropist, humanist. The various facets of Angelina Jolie have always walked side by side throughout her career, with some setbacks and personal controversies in between. The actress has never guarded herself against defending what she believes in, and so she made her Instagram debut this Friday, August 20th. And the adhesion was impressive.

Just 16 hours after Jolie created her first post on the social network, the actress already had 4.7 million followers and almost two million “likes” from sharing it.

The content may also have had an influence: With her first publication, Angelina Jolie drew attention to a problem that concerns everyone, and to a letter she received from a teenager in Afghanistan.

“Right now, people in Afghanistan are losing their ability to communicate and express themselves freely on social media,” he said in the caption. “So I came to Instagram to share their stories and the voices of people around the world who are fighting for their basic human rights.”

“It is outrageous to see Afghans being displaced again because of the fear and insecurity that have gripped their land,” he added. “To invest so much time and money, bloodshed and human lives just to get there, is an almost impossible failure to understand.” “Like others who are involved, I will not go away. I will keep looking for ways to help. And I hope you will join me. “

The actress, who will star in Marvel’s upcoming film “The Eternals,” adds that she was in Afghanistan a few weeks before the 9/11 attacks and then met with refugees.

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