and if you’ve lived the euro in immersion?


The 2020 European Football Championship is due to begin on June 11th and will be postponed by one year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The opportunity for football fans to come together for an anticipated competition to see the best teams on the continent compete against each other. And since one euro is experienced more than seen, you can also opt for a Samsung Neo QLED, a television that makes you feel like you are in the field.

an incomparable immersion always

For a whole month, the best football teams in Europe compete against each other to win the coveted trophy. After being crowned world champion in 2018, the Blues will try to double next month. The Deschamps team is one of the favorites, let’s hope this surprising new team makes the difference. To pursue their adventures as if in the field, it is necessary to equip yourself with the best technology on the market. And for that, all you have to do is turn to Samsung and its Neo QLED.

The Samsung Neo QLEDs are available in different sizes from 55 “(140 cm) to 85” (216 cm) and offer an immersive experience despite the large screens. To accomplish this feat, they are based on a Quantum Mini LED backlight system coupled with proprietary Quantum Matrix technology. Thanks to these technological capabilities, they show exceptional image quality and finesse. Their mini LEDs are 40 times smaller than standard LEDs, so more can be integrated. In addition, the Samsung Neo QLEDs use Full Array Local Dimming, which creates multiple backlight zones to improve image accuracy and rendering.

But image isn’t everything, and Samsung understands that well. The South Korean giant has equipped its televisions with speakers around the screen, which are more or less powerful depending on the model. Better still, the Neo QLEDs are extremely thin, a maximum of 2.5 centimeters for the wider ones versus 1.5 centimeters for the thinner ones. These TVs are perfect for wall mounting and can display pictures in 4K 120 FPS or 8K 60 FPS. You will be able to fully appreciate your unmatched quality content. However, be careful when switching to a less efficient TV, your eyes may be asking for the Neo QLED.

To get the most out of an image in 4K or 8K, you should be able to. In addition to the euro, various and diverse applications offer their respective content. Netflix, Prime Video, Molotov, Disney, Apple TV or even OCS, Canal + and RMC Sport, platforms that are quickly accessible to their subscribers thanks to an intelligent universal remote control. In particular, it is able to provide you with information through its built-in voice assistants, namely Bixby, Alexa and the Google Assistant. In addition, Samsung TV Plus offers no less than 40 free channels.

4K UHD content that can be customized to your liking thanks to the different modes of the TV. So the games of the EM are sublimated over the timeless sport mode. An unparalleled experience that brings you a Dantesque picture, impressive sound, and all in one connected TV for the whole family. The easy-to-install Neo QLED televisions from Samsung have an optimized cable with a dedicated passage, a remote box or a One Connect, removable or not, depending on the model.