and if Grogu was the son of Yoda and Yaddle


This article features loot from the latest episodes of The Mandalorian. If you haven’t seen the series yet, we recommend that you stop reading here.

Before we called him “Grogu”, we used to call him Baby Yoda, but could it really be that Grogu was Yoda’s child? We’ve researched the subject and offer you a theory that Grogu is actually Yoda’s child. Stay tuned, we’re getting started!

The rules of celibacy within the Jedi order

You must have heard of the rules of celibacy in the Jedi Order before. There are several versions of this code, but the version created by Odan-Urr is often the best known. There she is :

There are no emotions, there is peace.
There is no such thing as ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is power.

Above all else, a Jedi must justify his own feelings in order to prevent his actions from being guided by an indescribable love or dull anger. Emotional bonds should therefore be avoided when you are a Jedi, but not necessarily carnal relationships. In fact, if he avoids emotional connections, the Jedi can perform a very good act of reproduction. However, given the rarity of creatures similar to Yoda in the world of Star Wars, we can assume that this is an endangered species. So it could be that Yoda took some precautions to keep his species from becoming extinct. So Grogu would have been born in a purely scientific process and, of course, only for the common good.

The relationship between Yoda and Yaddle

In The Phantom Menace we meet Yaddle, who is of the same kind as Yoda. However, Yaddle is the only other member of Yoda’s species recognized by the official Star Wars canon, and sadly, his fate is currently unknown to us. Yaddle resigned from the council when the clones attack began, but it is unknown where she went after that and whether she survived Order 66. However, she could have worked with Yoda to ensure that a little grogu was born before he went missing.

In addition, the Star Wars timeline fits this theory perfectly. Despite his adorable appearance, Grogu was 50 years old at the start of the Mandalorian series, which means he was born the same year as Anakin Skywalker. It is also necessary to underline that Ahsoka stated that Grogu had “many masters”. The fruits of Yoda and Yaddle would most likely have been raised and trained in the temple, and it is evident that there are several Guardians within the Jedi Temple Academy. It must be said that Yoda’s son may be naturally powerful, which would have required special lessons, far from all those boring padawans. We can also point out that Grogu appears to react when Ahsako mentions the name “Yoda” in season 2 of The Mandalorian. Is this evidence of recognition of his former guardian’s name or that of his own father?

Grogu, rescued from Order 66

After staying at the Jedi Temple, Grogu escaped the Jedi purge. Ashoka Tano actually reveals to Din Djarin that Grogu was extremely rescued from somebody’s extermination of the Jedi Temple. While The Mandalorian hasn’t yet revealed who it is, a number of theories have already emerged on the subject, including one that says Jar Jar saved Binks Grogu. Given the number of promising young people who have been murdered, surely it is because Grogu was endowed with something extraordinary, unless … he was Master Yoda’s child? If he had been treated differently by his guardians from the start, Grogu could indeed have been saved by someone who knew his potential.

If Grogu is indeed Yoda’s child, it would explain why Moff Gideon is so determined to catch him. Indeed, Gideon could track any force-sensitive being, and not necessarily one constantly guarded by a Mandalorian armed to the teeth. But Gideon only has eyes for Grogu, which seems logical if he has Yoda’s DNA. After all, Palpatine feared Yoda very much. If the Empire found out that Yoda had fathered a son, its members would do their best to capture that child and use its abilities.

One might also think that Yoda himself could have saved Grogu from Order 66. The time gap between Yoda’s escape from Kashyyyk and his arrival on Dagobah is actually big enough to allow a little detour to the Jedi Temple in between so that he can save his son and organize his protection.

Yoda would have left Grogu

If Yoda is indeed Grogus’ father, why wouldn’t the Jedi Master have made more efforts to look after his (cute) offspring? If one follows this idea that emotional attachment is forbidden, so is filial love. So it seems consistent to say that Yoda and Yaddle could not raise their child conventionally or show them love. If Yoda did not raise Grogu, it would be due to the fact that Yoda feared his son would follow Anakin’s path (knowing an attachment of the same type). Yoda could therefore have imagined that her son would be safer if the two had stayed apart.

Or, it could be that Yoda was simply waiting for Grogu on Dagobah, which would explain why he refused to train Luke Skywalker. If Yoda had known that another equally promising Jedi existed and was hiding somewhere, he might have imagined that this one could have an even more incredible fate than Luke’s. When Luke finally proved himself, the old master could walk peacefully and died at the respectable age of 900 years. We definitely hope, if this theory holds true in the future, that a power spirit from Yoda manifests itself in The Mandalorian to ensure a father and stepfather confrontation with Mando that would surprise viewers. .