Analysis of COVID-19: Nylon Cable Tie Market show Positive Outlook in the demand and the supply side.

Nylon is a preferred material for developing products because of its high durability, toughness, and resistance to chemicals. One of the products made out of it is the cable tie that is used for keeping things together. The nylon cable tie is considered to be useful in sectors like telecommunications, IT, electronics, healthcare, and constructions sites.

What is a Nylon Cable Tie?

This product is basically a strap that is available in various colours and dimensions. The nylon cable tie is a type of fastener that bundles objects together for better organization. This easy-to-use item consists of a head or a pawl on one end, while the other end has teeth on it. The nylon cable tie works on a simple ratcheting mechanism in which the teeth get locked up inside the head. The free end is pulled to secure the clasp with a click. The cable tie is also known as hose tie or zip tie.

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Covid-19 Effects on the Nylon Cable Tie Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected several industries ranging from small garages to the big telecommunication sectors. The nylon cable tie market has also faced the wrath of the deadly virus. According to a report published by Research Dive, the nylon cable tie sector will witness a fall due to the changes in the raw material prices during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the report also states that this sector will flourish with a CAGR of 7.9% by 2026.

The growth is expected because of the rise in demand of the nylon cable tie by the telecommunications and the electronic industries. Since, the cable tie falls into the category of non-essential items their production and supply has been stalled during the Covid-19 outbreak. However, with time the demand and supply chain will regain its original posture, thus, building new business opportunities for the nylon cable tie sector.

The Reliability of Nylon Cable Tie

This item upholds the importance of time by taking less than 15 seconds to tie up objects. The nylon cable tie is preferred over ropes because it is easy to fasten objects without using complicated knot methods unlike ropes. Moreover, it comes at a low price, thus, making it cost effective for small and large scale industries.

The nylon cable tie possesses high tensile strength, rigidity, toughness and a moderate level of stiffness. It can tolerate temperature up to 185?F, but if coated with heat stabilizers the cable tie can endure high temperature as well. Apart from this, it displays resistance towards abrasions, low coefficient of friction and regular impact on hard surfaces.

It needs to be packaged and stored in a dry and a cool place to avoid damages like corrosion and fungal growth. The nylon cable tie is resistant to fuels, lubricants, and chemicals, but is susceptible to phenols, strong acids, and oxidizing agents.

One of the cable tie called the nylon 12 is used in solar applications as it can bear the sun’s high temperature. The nylon 12 allows less water absorption, withstands chemicals, prevents stress cracking and ensures stability.

 Implementations of Nylon Cable Tie

This item is a jewel to those who love experimenting and creating something fascinating. The nylon cable tie can be used for making small and large baskets, decorating vases, and beautifying the house with its radiant colours. It is also used to secure the potted plants, tying up old cassettes and CDs, and indoor cable wire bundling.

The aerospace industry uses about 124 miles of cables for a single passenger plane, thus, the nylon cable tie is needed for tiny tight spaces, large cables and hoses. The automotive sector too uses the cable tie as they are unaffected by heat, grease, gasoline, and oil. Apart from this, the equipment manufacturing industry requires the nylon cable tie to sustain the vibrations roaring from the generators.

The fields that top the usage of nylon cable tie are telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, and electrical sectors. These sectors use numerous wires, thus, making it necessary to tie them up for enhancing efficiency and organization.

The surprise package that has popped up and is taking an unprecedented step is the fashion industry. This field is using the nylon cable tie for designing apparels, head gear, hair straps and accessories. Several fashion events have showcased designs that have bloomed in the market.

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The Near Future

The nylon cable tie sector has indeed taken a fall during the pandemic; however, the sector’s diverse range of applications can augment its demand in the near future. The nylon cable tie uses different polymers and raw materials, thus, the future shows a positive outlook in the demand and the supply side.

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