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Anakin Skywalker could have been in the movie

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit our screens in 2017 and could have made a legendary Jedi appear by bringing him back to the delight of fans. That’s exactly what Rian Johnson, the director of Episode VIII, revealed in response to a fan on his Twitter account.

A father-son exchange that will never take place

Thanks to Johnson’s response, we learn that the public could have seen Anakin Skywalker on screen! Yes / Yes ! The legendary Jedi could have made a cameo on the Burning Tree scene.

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In this sequence, Luke Skywalker is left behind by Rey and the Jedi Master is ready to burn the founding texts of the Jedi Order. Then Yoda appears opposite Luke in the form of a ghost. However, Rian Johnson had imagined that Luke could face Anakin and thus his father. With the exception of the Director, if this option had been chosen, the public could have faced a lack of clarity. Indeed, as he explains on his Twitter account:

Luke’s relationship was more with Vader, not really Anakin, and that would probably have complicated things more than necessary. Yoda seemed to be a more effective mentor for this scene.

Ultimately, Luke will not meet Anakin face to face and find someone who has trained him. The public will not have had the opportunity to attend a father / son exchange and that is a shame. Also, it would have been interesting to know if the director would have imagined bringing back Hayden Christensen, who plays who will be Darth Vader in the preliminary round, for this sequence, which would have absolutely delighted the fans.


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