An unprecedented scene between Arwen and Aragorn speaks of them again

Do you think you know everything about the Lord of the Rings? Do you know Peter Jackson’s film-adapted trilogy? But did you know that scenes were filmed that were never included in the editing? Indeed, this is the case with this scene and with Viggo Mortensen, who best tells us about it.

Even the actor never saw the scene

Even two decades after The Lord of the Rings was released in theaters, the trilogy still has surprises in store for us. During an interview for NME, actor VIggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn, revealed the existence of a scene between his character and Arwen. A scene the public has never been able to see since the director removed it from the final cut.

As the actor explains, it was a flashback between the two characters that takes place in Aragorn’s head:

It takes place around the time he first met Arwen.

Mortensen states that the shooting of this original sequence took place between two shootings. The makeup and hairdressing teams had tried to make the actor as young as possible, and the costume designers had dressed him up as an elf.

When the scene in question appears in Tolkien’s book, Peter Jackson has judged that, despite the beauty of the sequence, it was not useful for the film. Plus, Viggo Mortensen just turned it around and never saw it. He hopes to discover it one day, because as of now it is not appearing anywhere, not even in the expanded editions.

Maybe we could see her in the new 4K remaster of the Lord of the Rings trilogy due out this year!

In the same interview, Mortensen also gave news about the horses his character rides. He’d bought her at the end of the shoot. Three horses had become the actor’s property, including the white horse Arwen had ridden in The Fellowship of the Ring. Viggo Mortensen stated that she bought her specifically to offer the horse to Liv Tyler’s liner when she is being followed in the woods:

The person who made this spectacular equestrian scene was a stunt girl who was a friend after all, and I knew how much she loved this horse so I bought it for her.

Unfortunately, this horse is still alive, the other two are dead. The actor states that the horses were already old at the end of the filming of the trilogy.

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