An old country house in Gaia is now a center of artistic creativity


An old country house in Gaia is now a center of artistic creativity

The main goal is always to combine education with the creative development of children (and adults).

Photo by Danilo Galvão.

In Pedroso, in Vila Nova de Gaia, there is a new creative space that is the opposite of what everyone expects. It is not a room with the latest technology or the best architecture. In fact, it is a small country house that is currently being remodeled and even has plans for the month of September.

The name – CAMPO – is a clear indication of its location and stands for what awaits us there: cultivation, art, mathematics, word, craft. Because Pedroso’s country house wants to be a place where education, art and nature meet in a unique way.

This is the house that will host Fogo Lento’s new project called (Dis) montar. As with all initiatives of the association, this one too will focus on learning in physical and sensual contact with the world around us. For nine months the house hosts shows, workshops, talks and even artistic residencies.

The opening of the room included a carpenter’s shop for the little ones, shows for young and old and a musical performance by saxophonist Julius Gabriel and guitarist Benjamin Whitehill. The programming in the room extends until 2021 and lasts a few months until 2022. There will be several workshops on the subjects of art and nature.

You can check the full schedule on the Fogo Lento website.