An incredibly enticing new teaser that revolves around eleven

Note for all Stranger Things fans: A new teaser has just been released for the fourth season that will make our mouth water. It plunges us into the heart of Dr. Martin Brenner who teach us a lot about the turning point this new season could take. We’ll take stock immediately.

Stranger Things Season 4

Season 4 of Stranger Things is long overdue, and the pandemic that continues to rage is not in vain as it has delayed various upstream filming. Finn Wolhard (who plays the role of Mike) even recently announced that this fourth season may not see the light of day before 2022. Fortunately for the fans, the producers of the series have already given us several teasers. which allowed us to see Jim Hopper again.

However, the brand new teaser that has just been released does not deal with Hopper but rather focuses on the possible visions of Eleven as well as the deeds and actions of Dr. Martin Brenner.

The enticing new teaser for Season 4

Here is the latest teaser that Netflix has just published on the Netflix France account, on Twitter and on the YouTube platform:

As you can see, the teaser focuses on the other kids who were a source of experience for Brenner like Eleven on the show. At the moment, several hypotheses can be considered: Did Eleven use her powers to travel back in time and find clues about those who had the same experiences as her? Will she need all these little people to defeat the Russians who hold hoppers? Or celebrate Dr. Martin Brenner made his comeback in the series? It seems complicated given the previous events, but anything still seems possible in the universe of strange things. This teaser definitely shows us that Eleven will of course play a new central role in this new season.

We can also hear that adult voice asking if Elf is listening to what Dr. Brenners could be. On our part, we look forward to your assumptions in the comment area! And if you can’t wait any longer for this fourth season, you can already read our article that looks at the 11 best hypotheses identified for this fourth season.

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