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an external 1 TB SSD and a 64 GB microSD card for only 110 euros

If you’re looking for some quick external storage and a memory card for your smartphone, here’s a Samsung package that you should like as it’s an SSD and a microSD.

Memory madness with Samsung and its superpack

There are 2 products in this famous pack and not just any. The first is an external SSD with a capacity of 1 TB (Samsung T5) that allows you to transfer all types of content (photos, images, videos, films, series, documents …) very quickly, since we are on a are located SSD hard drive as I said before. Count a transfer speed of up to 4.9x, faster than a mechanical hard drive. This thanks to this technology and the USB 3.1 compatible USB-C connection. Also note that this famous external SSD is powered and you don’t need to plug it into an electrical outlet.

The microSD card is also a Samsung model from the EVO + range with a capacity of 64 GB. You can install it on a smartphone, tablet, mini PC or your Nintendo Switch, your action camera or a drone with no worries.

The price for such a pack is around 200 euros, but at the moment when you have a payout in store you have it at only 109.99 euros. And to enjoy it even more, there is another package for the FNAC + membership card with which you can earn an additional 10 euros.

Why crack?

Very fast external storage USB-C connectivity and automatic power supply. As a bonus, the 64 GB microSD card

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