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An expert explains how to do all sorts of fantastic techniques

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a title that is especially popular with speed runners. The records follow one another as these skilled players discover new impressive techniques. And while some use their free time to get absolutely incredible shots, others do tutorials explaining each of the techniques used by the professionals.

a complete guide available to all

Max Blumenthal, better known under the name @ RinHara5aki on Twitter, explains in detail the various techniques that speed runners perform during their adventures using an openly accessible Word document. 94 techniques are listed, analyzed and sorted according to their difficulty and usefulness. Bomb dropping, swap cancel, ZL-less parry, barbaric terms that are at the center of the tests carried out by speedrunners.

In addition to these explanations, a GIF accompanies each of the techniques and shows you the end result. The steps should therefore be handwritten if the result is visible on video. A document that could be refined over time, as more than 20 new techniques were discovered in 2020 alone. So while Breath of the Wild continues to be awaited by the owners of Nintendo Switch, these passionate gamers, I will continue to disassemble this work to discover its nooks and crannies.

A complete and voluminous document that is easier to search on a computer than a mobile phone. For example, if you follow the various explanations in this manual, you can run a “Super Menu Overload State”, the result of which can be found directly above. A series of cascading explosions that can destroy a Golden Lynel in seconds. A document that can be found here in full.


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