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an exclusive video of the young actor as a travel guide in Paris.

Leonardo Dicaprio is without a doubt one of the coolest actors of the past twenty years. What if we told you that before he was a popular actor making millions of dollars, he was a tour guide in Paris? Okay, not really. But the video is worth a look!

Visit Paris with Dicaprio!

Old-time holy stroke for those who know Leonardo Dicaprio, except because he shares the same name as a ninja turtle or because of his big recent hits like The Revenant or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In addition, you know that he is still doing many good deeds, especially in 2020, by creating a pot against the coronavirus by offering to star in one of his films in exchange for money for research.

In any case, the video is from 1995. A year earlier he played in his first major role as Romeo + Juliet and two years before the Titanic. The MTV television station had contacted him to take a guided tour of Paris and promote the film Basketball Diaries. We see the young actor at the age of 20 who plays the clown in the capital, meets strangers and is interviewed in a bar … still frank (when you say it was a good time!)

Leonardo Dicaprio & Paris, great love story.

Like it or not, the American actor has a special relationship with France. More than a year ago, Leonardo Dicaprio had to rescue a 24-year-old French man who was lost at sea after falling overboard while drunk. He stayed in the water for more than 11 hours before – ironically – he was found by whoever preferred to die drowned in the Titanic. The actor picked the man up on his private yacht and brought him back to the coast of Saint-Martin in the Caribbean. In 2016, the actor donated part of the donations from one of his galas to the victims of the Nice attacks.


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