An episode about Covid, a special “vaccine”, is teased on video

Launched in 1997, the South Park series quickly established itself as a trashy series that is firmly rooted in reality, however pathetic it may be. Like the Simpsons, she doesn’t miss anyone on the news and parodies them in her own way. Last September, the creators published a one-hour pandemic episode that is sure to delight many fans. Today they put the cover back with a new special episode, this time focusing on the vaccination campaign.

Vaccine war

While all fans are anxious to find the series in a 24th season, here’s an announcement to help them wait: South Park’s next pandemic-themed episode will air on March 10, 2021. She will be sober with the title “South ParQ Vaccination Special”. Based on the American vaccination campaign, the episode is sure to have its share of action, dark humor, and hideous cheating from our beloved Cartman. In any case, the trailer (see below) is tempting to say the least!

You will understand that this is another hour-long episode – which according to our calculations is triple the pleasure. A lot can be learned from these 30 seconds of promotional material on the synopsis page. So we will find the small town of Colorado in the grip of a merciless war to obtain the precious anti-Covid serum, with all residents unleashing their most primitive instincts to get what they want. As always, expect ubiquitous situations with a good dose of junk and dark humor injected into them. In fact, everyone is ready to do anything to find a normal life that has been dreamed and deserved for so long, so far removed that it almost sees itself as an attribute of fantasy.

In the continuity of the DNA of the series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the South ParQ Vaccination Special will be a worrying reflection of the problems related to Covid that Americans and the world are facing. One thing is certain, however, you might and we will. See you on March 10th.

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