An actor condemns Warner’s influence on Peter Jackson’s trilogy


As Amazon Prime prepares for its Lord Of The Rings series and the writings of JRR Tolkien, an actor from the Hobbit trilogy raised his voice over a podcast about Warner’s interference in Peter Jackson’s work on The Hobbit. .

“When people tell you what to do, it blocks it.”

The production studios’ control of their blockbusters is nothing new. But more and more voices are rising to denounce these stocks, which changes the quality of the script, the actions or the decision-making authority of the scriptwriter. The films are handcuffed. Here the warner is under the fire of explanations as to his interference in the trilogy of The Hobbit. As a reminder, the Hollywood studio was already the subject of controversy. From the director David Ayer, who pointed out his responsibility for the massacre of his suicide squad. Much like the Justice League failure and hiring Josh Whedon for post-production that changed the original version of Zack Snyder.

Recently, Jed Brophy, who played the dwarf Nori in the Hobbit trilogy, fired live ammunition at the Warner in an interview with the New Zealand media podcast Kiwi Talkz, undermining Peter’s creative power. Jackson throughout the trilogy.

“You [ndlr : les studios] take. I could talk right and wrong, and if these people ever find me I’ll probably love it, but I think the Warner got in the way of Peter and the Hobbit a bit. Neither of them can take a script and imagine how to make the most of it.

And when you stand in the way of that process, you are actually preventing anyone from finding their rhythm, and that is exactly what happened, as far as I could see, there was no flow in the same direction. Peter had an amazing idea of ​​how to shoot the next scene based on what had already happened on the set, but when people tell you what to do it just blocks it. “

Money is involved too. The 57-year-old New Zealand actor makes it clear that the Warner prevented Jackson from reaching the “flow” state he had on “The Lord of the Rings” because the studio heads wanted to make more money:

I’ve known Peter for almost 30 years and I can see that he wasn’t the easy-going, fun, and laid-back he usually is. You can feel that pressure. If you jump into bed with the devil and he gives you $ 600 million, you are responsible. You are responsible for their whims.

Bonus to do better?

Speaking only of his personal experience, Peter Jackson admitted feeling like he was no longer in control of his work and creative process on The Hobbit, particularly targeting chaotically behind the scenes. The vicious second trilogy never lived up to that of its oldest, the Lord of the Rings.

Today Amazon Prime Video is working on a series based on the writings of JRR Tolkien. The action will take place in the second age, that is, at least 3000 years before the events described in the Peter Jackson trilogy. There are at least 5 seasons on the menu, a spin-off, a major project. The ability to restore the image of the franchise?