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Call of Duty: The Black Ops Cold War was released last week. The latest in the saga drives players right after the events of Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the middle of the Cold War. A dynamic and fast FPS for which a high performance material is preferable. On the PS4 side, the NACON Revolution Unlimited immediately goes to the top of the pile, especially if it’s a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War edition.


PS4 gamers are familiar with NACON and its high-end controllers. The wireless and fully customizable Revolution Unlimited Controller has joysticks with concave or convex heads to suit your preference, as well as an interchangeable base that allows you to manually change the sensitivity. Two compartments under the handles can also accommodate weights for full customization.

Although this ultimate controller is designed for the PlayStation 4, it is Windows compatible. One controller for all your platforms, a boon for big players with PS4 and PC. There are three game modes available: PS4, PS4 Advanced and PC Advanced. In the advanced mode you can switch between the profiles that were previously created with the supplied software.

The Revolution Unlimited software can be adjusted again and again and offers you the possibility to adjust many parameters: the intensity of the vibrations, the sensitivity of the dead zone of the triggers, the inversion of the sticks and axes, the assignment of buttons and curves, reaction of the joysticks or lighting effects of the right joystick. A godsend for fans of advanced personalization who can give it their all.

Playable with or without a cord, you can also plug in a headset to improve communication. A control panel on the back of the controller allows you to change the volume of the headset, the connection mode of the controller and the game mode.


To enhance its Revolution Unlimited, NACON partnered with Activision to launch a Call of Duty: Black Ops collection for the Cold War. In this series of limited editions, the controller offers a completely new design, inspired by the iconography of the game. A must for fans of the franchise!

A controller that has impeccable aesthetics, as well as good autonomy: 7 hours according to the manufacturer. When you buy this collector’s edition, you can also use an exclusive code to restore a weapon spell and a camouflage pouch. A premium controller that still has a certain price: € 179.90. A high-end controller that surpasses all others.


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