Amthor distances itself from photo | free press


Philipp Amthor stands between two men, one of whom is wearing a T-shirt featuring Holocaust denier Haverbeck. The photo has been shared many times on Twitter. The CDU politician regrets that.

Wolgast / Berlin (dpa) – The CDU member of the Bundestag Philipp Amthor has distanced himself from a photo that has been distributed on the internet.

“Of course I was annoyed by this photo,” Amthor told the German news agency in Wolgast in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania on Tuesday. The image circulated on the internet showed the politician at a horse festival in Boock, West Pomerania, between two men, one of whom is wearing a T-shirt expressing solidarity with convicted Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck.

“I can’t say with absolute certainty if and to what extent the photo was edited, but of course I wouldn’t have taken the photo if I had taken note of the t-shirt label.” It was not clear to dpa at first whether the photo had been manipulated.

There were a number of photo requests in the margins of the horse show award ceremony. “It’s usually a matter of a few seconds where you don’t look at all the details,” emphasized Amthor.

It is an expression of an absurd and unobjective election campaign to bring him close to right-wing extremists, “although my clear arguments against the AfD and against right-wing simplifyers are well known”. Amthor had already made a similar statement in social networks on Monday.