Amouranth reveals how much his Only fans bring him and it’s exorbitant


Twitch is often highlighted for its suggestive content, playing with the limits of its terms of use and its inactivity in that regard. Many videographers have had to grapple with the platform’s late attitudes, such as Indiefoxx, which is still on hold until the end of its sixth ban in 2021. But Twitch isn’t the only hen to lay eggs in gold from some streamers, as Amouranth reveals.

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Many streamers interact with each other on Twitch. A great way to offer social content while giving different communities the opportunity to meet. And recently, H3H3 Productions videographer took Ethan Klein to Twitch. Of course, more than 671,000 Internet users have followed his channel on podcasts. And after Adin Ross, Mizkif and Hasan last Wednesday, it was Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, to join the game.

During a half-hour live interview, the platform’s most famous streamer was able to comment on a variety of topics that are directly or indirectly related to her activities. With 3.9 million followers on Twitch, including more than 28,000 subscribers, Amouranth is particularly popular there. In addition, the young woman is also very popular on other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, where she has 4.7 million and 1.4 million subscribers, respectively. In addition to these social showcases, Amouranth has an Only Fans account where she shares SFW or NFSW content for a fee.

A very lucrative business that was one of the topics of this interview. When asked, Klein remembers the success of his Only fans and invites Amouranth to take over the reins. According to the streamer, she broke all records last month. Klein then asks him curiously how he told him. Amouranth lifts the veil on this crisp mystery: $ 1.1 million. Amouranth pocketed the modest sum of more than $ 1.1 million last month for her Only Fans account alone, on which she posts content on a daily basis. A record month for sure, which still enables you to visualize the success of your company.