Amouranth finally expresses himself in his heavy sentence related to his hot tub streams


A new trend has been established on the Twitch platform for a few months: hot tub streams. A simple, trending principle: a content creator bathes in a swimsuit in an inflatable pool and interacts with his audience. A very lucrative trend that has allowed the famous Amouranth to multiply his income. But now this week, Twitch has decided to take action against him.

a sudden and surprising demonstration

Controversial Whirlpool streams now represent a turning point for Twitch. The platform has still not made a specific decision against them, merely stating that content that does not comply with Twitch’s terms of use will be penalized. If the Hot Tub Streams are controversial, however, it is because of their suggestive side, which is reportedly banned on Twitch. And in this game, Amouranth is the best. With over 21,700 subscribers, Kaitlyn Siragusa is the queen of hot tub streams. But unfortunately for the streamer, her income dropped drastically earlier in the week when she was surprised that her channel was being demonized.

Twitch’s Terms of Use are not clear enough for various content creators to play with the limits of this model. Even so, it looks like Twitch decided to take action. In an interview with Kotaku, Amouranth was able to talk more about this sudden demonization. Prior to this deficit, the streamer announced that she had made more than $ 1,000 a day from ads.

“I asked my Twitch partner manager why my ads were showing ‘0’ after May 7th and she first expressed her surprise before showing me upcoming ad products. After some internal research, she appears to have come back with a prepared statement. It is clear that the advertisements were not on the table for a short time. They vaguely alluded to the fact that not all content allowed in the Terms of Use is suitable for all advertisers.

I maintain close communication with my contacts on Twitch and constantly ask them to give me their feedback on hot tub content or even a nudge if it is potentially problematic from a media point of view. Moderation. They actually made sure to give me whatever they hear or if the moderation changes for the next 30 days. “

In their opinion, this out of nowhere demonstration would be “a change in the way they approach certain content by choosing to demonize it rather than simply changing the terms and conditions”. “I think if you stick to that position it could open the door to more flexible terms of use as long as the creator isn’t interested in monetizing the content.” explains the streamer. It remains to be seen whether Twitch will speak in the coming days to comment on this position more specifically. This practice is likely to hit more content creators as the days go by.