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Amouranth explains why she strips less

On Twitch, the audience is dominated by videographers who have typically been established on the platform for years or even the early days. Communities that endure and continue to grow by following trends and the evolution of streamers. Pillar of Twitch, Amouranth continues to be the center of the news, both for his slips and for his strong opinions.

disturbing content

As a true business woman, Amouranth has multiplied her sources of income to not only depend on Twitch. Amazon’s streaming platform is still a great source of income, although it can additionally earn more than a million dollars a month from its activities on OnlyFans. His social networks are a hit, with a total of several million subscribers before their respective bans. Faced with this sanction, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has to step on the brakes. Its subscribers will have noticed at some point, but it seems its content is less risqué than in the past.

However, the content is not to everyone’s taste. And while the two women get along well, Andrea Botez, a chess streamer, recently revealed that she permanently suppressed Amouranth’s tweets to prevent strangers from seeing “ass and boobs” on her feed. An initiative that Amouranth called understandable, who, in a response to an article by Dexerto, also explained the reasons for its more “docile” content of late. According to the young woman, her Twitter account would have received a “shadow ban”.

“The Twitch streamer has not responded to Andrea’s messages at the time of writing, but we’ll make sure to update if she does.”

and you Andrea?

Lol I don’t post as much ass anymore to avoid getting banned in the shadows but that’s fair pic.twitter.com/POKwwUUu4W

February 4, 2022

“The Twitch streamer has not responded to Andrea’s information at the time of writing, but we’ll be sure to update when she does.”

and you Andrea?

I don’t post as much butt as I used to to avoid getting banned in the shadows, but that’s fair.”

The “shadow ban” mentioned by Amouranth is a sanction imposed by the platforms on creators who disrupt. It consists in blocking all or part of the content published by a user in such a way that the user is not aware of it. On Twitch, a user who has been the victim of such a sanction will continue to see their messages displayed in the chat without others seeing them. Thus, it no longer affects the experience of other users without being aware of it.

Note that this isn’t the first time Amouranth has been the victim of such a sanction. As early as last December, she called for a possible shadow ban on her Twitter support account to be lifted. It seems that unless Blue Bird’s platform banned his account, like Instagram and TikTok, a sufficiently significant sanction was already underway. Faced with these issues, Amouranth would have decided to strip less and reserve that content for more appropriate platforms.


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