Among Us VR Revealed Release Date & Trailer

Among Us VR may be released this year. According to a database that keeps track of Steam’s updates, The VR edition of the popular multiplayer game is eagerly awaited, and it is hoped that it will further immerse players in the Among Us experience.

When it was announced at the 2021 Game Awards, Fans were excited to see what a VR version of the game would look like. Because the player’s surroundings are so critical in determining who might be the imposter, using a first-person perspective could make the game much more challenging. It’s interesting to imagine how each of the jobs will feel once the player has fully engaged themselves in their goal of connecting wires or following light patterns. Virtual reality will affect gameplay in a variety of ways, and fans are eager to see what this new version of Among Us has to offer.

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Among Us VR Release Date

According to Games Radar, the new release date will be December 13, 2022, according to SteamDB, a database that logs any changes to Steam’s backend technology. There is a caution on the item that says this could be incorrect because the date was previously posted as November 10, 2022, but given how close the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is, this database listing might hold some weight. The event will take place on April 20, 2022, at 10 a.m. PST and will feature new games coming to the Quest system. This show could give fans the release date they’ve been waiting for. The VR devices that Among Us VR will work on haven’t been announced yet.

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Among Us VR

When the game was first announced, InnerSloth and Schell Games revealed a small clip of Among Us VR gameplay, but they did not provide a release date or time range. The lack of detail frustrated fans, but the long development time should have given the developers enough time to improve the new version. There were no hints that new jobs would be introduced, but given how different VR is from the game’s traditional 2D paradigm, it seems like a good time to spice things up. There may be jobs that demand so much concentration that players ignore a murder taking place around them, or even in front of them.

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Many potential improvements to the renowned social deduction game exist, such as the new Shapeshifting Among Us Impostor that was recently added to the original game. With this added content, the VR version should be able to entice enthusiasts who have drifted away over the years. This will almost certainly introduce the Among Us airship to a whole new set of fans, giving the beloved murder mystery a new lease on life.

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