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Amazon’s series unveils 23 raised posters featuring the characters

Last month, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series finally revealed its title. An announcement accompanied by a trailer, the opportunity for fans of Tolkien’s work to discover the first images of this long-awaited series. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is expected for September 2, while a real trailer is long overdue. To keep us waiting, the series just shared no fewer than 23 posters showcasing the characters.

23 posters to discover the characters of the series

To everyone’s surprise, the official Lord of the Rings series Twitter account: The Rings of Power took advantage of this Thursday, February 3rd to share 23 posters representing those who will be wearing this future series. Unfortunately, the eagerly awaited series does not strictly reveal its characters, but is content to tease them. Plans of the characters’ hands, where there are ornaments, jewels, references to Tolkien’s work and even tassels, enough to allow fans of the franchise to guess which characters will be found on the screen.

From these posters it is thus possible to determine the origin of these characters. From the Southern dialect suggesting a Haradrim, to the insignia of Numenor running through the outfits of Elves and Hobbits, these posters also let us foresee the presence of Morgoth, the master of Sauron, as well as Noldors, like the dagger proves golden elves as well as the sword as black as night. Characters that are sure to look forward to proper presentation in the weeks and even months to come. But until then we have to be content with these posters. Posters, which you can discover just below.


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