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Amazon series were supposed to investigate the origin of these evil characters

It is not yet clear what the central story of the future series ordered by Amazon will be. The action will take place thousands of years before the events of the Hobbit as well as the Lord of the Rings. It will take the viewer to the second age of Middle-earth history when the Rings of Power were created, and thus illuminate important characters in the saga.

Focus on the servants of SAURON

If the series shows us how Sauron gave the 19 Rings of Power, it should also trace the story of the Nazgûls, the nine demonic creatures, of whom little is ultimately known. Originally human kings in search of wealth and power, they were perverted over time by the power of the ring and eventually descended into darkness. Neither dead nor alive, the black riders belong to the shadow world and have become servants of Sauron. Given their importance and their connection to forging the rings, it is very likely that the series planned to reserve an important place for them.

The wizard king of Angmar

It is difficult to speak of the Nazgûls without saying a word about the fact that the Wizard King of Angmar, their leader, is also a servant of evil. After establishing an evil kingdom in the north populated by orcs after resurfacing in the third age, he ruled the black riders during the saga. Killed by Eowyn in The Return of the King, he could also occupy a central spot in the Amazon series as he too succumbed to the power of the Ring. It can also be an opportunity to give it an identity. The secret that hovers around him can be revealed.

By the end of the year, Amazon’s series will be the most expensive in history with a budget of $ 465 million for the first season alone, well above the budget for the three films combined. We were able to find familiar faces, like that of Elrond (Hugo Weaving) or that of Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), because remember, the elves are immortal and therefore can transcend the centuries.


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