Amazon Prime has just got its hands on the next hit series after The Boys

Amazon Prime can be proud to host the Boys series, as the latter is internationally successful. However, after the second season of the hit series ended, Amazon Prime sold a whole different series in the same vein as The Boys, which was set to see the light of day in 2021. We let you discover this through the tape announcement and the interview of a bookseller specializing in comics, which is being adapted in series on behalf of the famous platform.

The invincible series on Amazon Prime

After The Boys, a brand new series about the world of superheroes will see the light of day. The animated series Invincible will be available on Amazon Prime sometime in 2021 and, like The Boys, will feature scenes of unexpected violence. We let you discover the trailer for the series, in case you haven’t had the chance to watch it:

In addition to the upcoming series, an Invincible film is expected in the next few years (especially with Seth Rogen, the famous American actor and producer). So Invincible has a bright future ahead of it. How did Amazon Prime come to be interested in this particular comic, what was it more than the others? We met and interviewed a comics bookstore specialist to understand what the serial adaptation of Invincible had in store for us, and we can at least say he knows his subject well. .

Interview with Anthony Hivert, bookseller who specializes in invincible comics

Hello, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello ! My name is Anthony, I am 25 years old and I am passionate about American comics, also known as comics or comics. It’s a term that refers to both the adventures of our heroes in tights (Invincible is one of them) and more independent stories, each in a different genre. I am fortunate enough to make a living from this passion as I have been working in a bookstore specializing in comics for over two years.

How did you become an invincible comic book specialist?

That said, it doesn’t put any pressure on me! (laughs) Seriously, I came across the first volume in the series while browsing the shelves of a bookstore friend, and after only hearing rave reviews for the title, I decided to take the plunge and buy this one Volume. I knew I was starting a long series that began in the US in 2002 and was still being released at the beginning. So I needed (a lot) of space in my library. But it was only after reading the second volume in this series that my doubts were dispelled. The ending was powerful, unexpected and devilishly fascinating. I wanted more!

Could you make a quick recap of the comics for our readers?

Invincible is an invention of cartoonist Cory Walker and comic book writer Robert Kirkman. It’s impossible, not to mention Kirkman’s great creation, The Walking Dead, which was a comic book before it was a television series. A true lover of vigilante groups in tights, he decided to launch his own line of superheroes in the early 2000s.

He starts from a very simple premise: Mark Grayson is a teenager like any other, except that he is secretly the son of the world’s greatest superhero, Omni-Man, an alien who has found refuge on Earth. . It is then up to the young man to learn to control his evolving powers while living the average student’s life, but with the new responsibilities stemming from his extraordinary abilities …

Already seen the concept, will you say? Well, not from the pen of Kirkman, who manages to renew the myth of the superhero and create a new icon in this already extensive gallery of colorful characters. It captivates its reader from start to finish and has it under its spell in increasingly surprising scenarios during the 16 years of the series’ publication. A record for a so-called “independent” series.

You talk really well about it! Were you surprised at the announcement of an Amazon Prime series based on these comics?

Of course, although deep down I always thought that Invincible had immense potential on the big or small screen, and that is now done. This project is ideal for discovering through animation this colorful, violent and creative universe that characterizes comics. For me, a dream come true especially knowing that the creators themselves will oversee the project, Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker.

What do you think of the series trailer?

The first trailer fully fulfills its role as a hook on me. If I’m still a little skeptical about the animation itself, the chosen visual style is a perfect homage to the first editions of the series. The aesthetic rendering is more than convincing, especially due to the bloodshed in this preview, which immediately reminds the informed reader that the original work is known for this very pronounced graphic violence.

Let’s also talk about the equally high quality voice casting, which brings together several actors and actresses from famous franchise companies such as Walking Dead in particular or even the Spider-Man trilogy with the fall of comedian JK Simmons. He lends his voice to Mark’s voice, Omni-Man, and is obviously known for his memorable portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson, the tyrannical and clownish boss of Peter Parker. A successful bet I think!

What do you expect from the Amazon Prime series in 2021?

Simply novelty. The superheroic universe of 2020 needs to have some freshness, and Invincible is the perfect example to illustrate the audacity that characterizes the work of Robert Kirkman. This is the strength of this author: if the sauce kicks in immediately, it is because we are confronted with a character who looks like us, but who, unlike the most famous heroes, is not subject to any “eternal youth”. Mark Grayson evolves with readers who follow him each month on his adventures of romance, time travel, cloning, and other storylines.

What also pleases and is inevitably expected about Invincible is its impact on our society and especially the post-9/11 world. Aside from being a place of violence that completely takes on the graphic aspect of its endless struggles, American politics is approached very subtly by its authors. I therefore expect a certain loyalty to the questions that arise from the original work.

As a bookseller and Invincible specialist, would you advise our readers to read the comics before watching the series?

I can only advise diving into this little gem of the ninth art. If only because it’s good (that argument should be enough, right?) And then because the series is currently being reissued in France. It is published by Editions Delcourt in the form of integrals that will probably comprise twelve or thirteen volumes.

Remember, however, that this is an adult comic book and that serious topics will be discussed. A story I usually recommend from college because the subjects it covers are mature. No, hold it in all hands!

Do you think the success of The Boys convinced Amazon Prime to begin adapting Invincible?

The Boys were undoubtedly the acid test for Amazon Prime, at least when it comes to the world of customization. This series is taken from the now famous Garth Ennis comic book, known for its deliberately disturbing and violent stories. It marks the superhero-like adaptations and offers a real alternative to the more plumbing projects from Marvel and DC. And the viewers understood that well, as they broadcast the first two seasons on this platform.

This resounding success apparently prompted producers to look at the fringes of the comic book world, which Invincible is a part of. I previously talked about the social impact superheroes have on our world. The Boys is completely in this genre. What would happen if superhumans fly over our cities with impunity, pretending to do good, but above all act on their own account? These latent questions are also present in Invincible and deserve a spotlight as well.

Perhaps a favorite hero outside of the invincible universe?

Without hesitation, Spider-Man. I really spotted him in the 1994 animated series that aired on TV that morning, but it was really Sam Raimi’s (2002-2007) trilogy that cemented my love for this incredible character. A love that has never stopped fading and that has been expanded to this day by the very good video game adaptation by the studios of Insomniac Games on Playstation (Marvel’s Spider-Man, 2018). Spider-Man has always been a milestone in my life and it’s a topic of conversation that I am inexhaustible about … ask me, I never stop talking about it! (laughs)

So it’s not trivial that I’m so interested in Invincible. In fact, Mark Grayson was created by Robert Kirkman as the counterpart to Superman and Peter Parker: Superman for his extraterrestrial origins and limitless powers, and Peter Parker for his tormented personality and skill development. supernatural in youth.

Would you recommend other comics like Invincible to our readers?

I have three suggestions that come to mind to continue the Invincible adventure:

The Boys (2006): We’ve talked about it, but it fits completely into this vein of delusional but really insightful stories about the world of superheroes and, more broadly, our own. Kick-Ass (2008): a Very good comics to discover to add to the experience of these fallible heroes facing familiar problems. This Mark Millar trilogy also develops a story about a neighborhood superhero, Dave Lizewski, who seeks to imitate the heroes he reads on paper by creating a crime-fighting outfit on his streets. Except that he’s not in a comic book and that the criminals he’ll face are merciless … Fox-Boy (personal crush): Character created by the overflowing imagination of a French author, Laurent Lefeuvre, passionate about comics from a young age. This latest original creation is currently being released by the Komics Initiative. This story tells us about the life of Pol Salsedo, a teenager entrusted with the supernatural powers of a “Were Fox” … A clever mix of Batman, Daredevil and Spider-Man, the young man will let justice reign in his own way its beautiful region of Brittany!

If you enjoyed this interview and would like to ask our passionate bookseller further questions, you can contact him via his Facebook account.

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