Álvaro Covões: “Hardly” will there be NOS Alive this year

Álvaro Covões: “Hardly” will there be NOS Alive this year

Álvaro Covões, director of the organizer Everything is New, said this in an interview.

NOS Alive remains planned for July.

NOS Alive will “hardly” take place this year, says the director of the organizer “Everything is New”, Álvaro Covões, to the newspaper “Público”. The festival is still planned for July and the pandemic seems to be developing favorably. However, it may be too early to hold a festival of this dimension on the Passeio Marítimo de Algés.

Álvaro Covões argues that a festival like NOS Alive “depends not only on the development of the pandemic in Portugal, but also on developments worldwide, namely in the USA and in Europe”. In other words, many artists will only perform in Portugal if their international tours are still in place, which can be difficult.

Nevertheless, the person responsible for the festival prefers not to make a decision for the time being to ensure that it is announced at the “right time”. Test events are currently taking place in Portugal that can serve as a test. After two shows in Braga, there is one in Coimbra this week.

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