Altmaier: Electricity consumption in Germany is increasing significantly | free press


Peter Altmaier spoke about current themes in energy policy. The expected power consumption is higher than expected.

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier expects significantly higher electricity consumption in Germany by 2030 than previously assumed.

The CDU politician presented the first results of new calculations from an institute commissioned by the ministry in Berlin. According to these figures, electricity consumption will increase to 645 to 665 terawatt hours by 2030. This is a 15 percent increase from previous assumptions, Altmaier said. Altmaier cited an unexpectedly strong growth in the electric car market as the reason for the higher demand for electricity.

Altmaier wants to find a consensus within the federal government on how high electricity demand will be before the general election. This could then form the basis for decision-making for coalition negotiations.

The key question is how much more electricity is needed for, for example, electromobility or heat pumps. Because it can be derived from this how quickly renewable energy from wind and solar should be expanded.