Already: The Portuguese The Black Mamba reach the Eurovision final

Already: The Portuguese The Black Mamba reach the Eurovision final

The national representatives were one of the winning semi-finalists of the gala this Thursday, May 20th.

The first step is taken. The Black Mamba won over the audience and was able to win enough votes to guarantee their presence in the finals of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest – a journey that NiT followed all day with the band, which you can check out in this article.

The theme “Love is on my side” was raised in Rotterdam, where the first semi-final took place on Tuesday, where the first finalists were selected. Now the band led by Tatanka also does the trick and guarantees a return to the final vote on May 22nd.

Moving to the finals is no surprise given the bookmakers’ evidence. The Black Mamba were stuck in the lowest places, but since their arrival in Rotterdam, the odds of winning have been 17th among the 33 participants, according to information this Wednesday.

In addition to Portugal, the second semi-final selected artists from Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Portugal, Iceland, San Marino, Switzerland, Greece and Finland.

These come to artists from Norway, Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Lithuania, Cyprus, Sweden, Belgium and the Ukraine – listen to the topics of these finalists. And see below the topics of the second group of Eurovision finalists.

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