Almost 40 years later, ABBA is back


Almost 40 years later, ABBA is back

There has been talk of a return for a long time, but now there is a confirmed date – something will happen next week.

In 1983 the band broke up.

39 years after the group broke up, ABBA announced that they would be returning in some form as early as next week, September 2nd. A return from the Swedish band has been absent for several years, and there has even been news that they have recorded new songs but have not yet released them. At least until now.

ABBA is expecting a project called ABBA Voyage (and has posted a link to a website with no further information). According to “BBC” it is related to the tour in hologram format, which has been talked about since 2016. It was suggested at the time that they were rejuvenated digital avatars showing the group as they did in 1979 when they did the third and final big tour. It would be a show that should be presented internationally.

In 2018, when they were in the studio together, they even released the titles of two new songs, “I Still Have Faith in You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down”. “It is no longer an ‘it can happen’ situation, it will happen,” Bjorn Ulvaeus assured The Herald Sun earlier this year.