All Warzone 2 Lachmann Meer platform weapons ranked

Name of Obligation Warzone 2 and Trendy Warfare 2 launched a brand new function known as weapon platforms that act as a household of weapons. These are unfold throughout the assorted weapon lessons that represent your entire arsenal of weapons for each video games.

The Lachmann Meer weapons platform is among the largest and incorporates 5 weapons. All arms function an impartial development system that rewards gamers with varied attachments for finishing them completely.

Each weapon on the platform shares just a few frequent options however can show large variations performance-wise.

Here’s a ranked record of all of the members of the Lachmann Meer platform in Warzone 2.

Be aware: This can be a Ranked record. The alternatives replicate the writer’s opinion and may be differ for each particular person.

Warzone 2 Lachmann Meer weapons ranked


Activision launched Warzone 2 as a sequel to its earlier Battle Royale title and tried to supply the neighborhood with an enhanced gaming expertise. The publishers launched new modifications to the motion and fight mechanics alongside the weapon platforms.

Each platforms and lessons are entangled and supply a whole assortment of weapons. The previous helps gamers unlock completely different arms, and the latter incorporates all related machines beneath its wing.

Lachmann Meer platform

The Lachman Meer platform spreads large all through varied weapon lessons in Warzone 2 – Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, Mild Machine Gun, and Marksman Rifle.

The household showcases a few of the greatest weapons within the class and high contenders for the first weapon slot in varied loadouts.

5) Lachmann 556


The Lachmann 556 belongs to the Assault Rifle weapon class and has a median hearth charge. It has comparatively decrease injury stats and turns into unsuitable for medium-range gunfights resulting from its inconsistent vary.

The weapon may be unlocked by leveling up Lachmann 762 to stage 13 and gives an impartial development to unlock new attachments. It falls quick when competing in opposition to different weapons in its personal class.

4) Lachmann 762


The Lachmann 762 can function as a semi-automatic and absolutely computerized weapon. It belongs to the Battle Rifle class boasting a really excessive injury output and a tamable recoil kick, making it an appropriate alternative for medium-range fight.

Gamers can get their palms on this weapon by reaching the Navy rank of 16. Lachmann 762 marks the start of your entire platform and opens up the trail to unlock different family members.

3) LM-S


The LM-S is one other variant that belongs to the Marksman Rifle weapon class. It excels at long-range gunfights because it has nice injury vary and accuracy stats. The bullet velocity of the weapon may be improved with the proper attachments, however its gradual hearth charge drives it down the record.

This weapon may be unlocked by enhancing Lachmann 762 to stage 16. It additionally supplies an impartial development that may be accomplished to develop the attachment assortment.



The RAPP H is a heavy weapon from the Lachmann Meer platform in Warzone 2. It belongs to the Mild Machine Gun class and is among the greatest in Activision’s newest Battle Royale. The one cons are its slower motion velocity and excessive recoil kick.

This weapon may be unlocked by reaching stage 12 on Lachmann 556. With appropriate attachment selections, this gun can change into a killing machine targeted on medium to long-range fights.

1) Lachmann Sub


The Lachmann Sub belongs to the Sub Machine Gun weapon class. It boasts a excessive hearth charge and agility however compensates with a considerably decrease injury vary. The weapon scales very effectively in close-quarter fight situations and might knock out a number of enemy operators earlier than going into the reload state.

Gamers can purchase this weapon by getting the Lachmann 556 stage 12. With just a few modifications, it may be appropriate even for medium-range gunfights.

This concludes your entire ranked record of members from the Lachmann Meer platform in Warzone 2. Keep tuned to Sportskeeda for the newest updates and efficient weapon construct guides.

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