“All Together Now”: everything we already know about Cristina Ferreira’s great new program

“All Together Now”: everything we already know about Cristina Ferreira’s great new program

The competition brings musical promises, disputes between competitors, the tears of Gisela João and the animation of Cristina Ferreira.

This Sunday evening, March 7th, TVI is celebrating the premiere of “All Together Now”, TVI’s super production that takes care of the Sunday evenings on the Queluz de Baixo channel, at a time that promises to be competitive. NiT tells you what to expect.

The world of talent competition has served as the gateway to a career in music for many unknown voices. There may even be rare instances of real success, but on the part of the participants, it is this possible dream that serves as inspiration.

“All Together Now” follows the program line in which undiscovered voices were given the stage. From the emotions of the participants before the gig to the appearances worth checking out, we wait to see what makes the talent programs a success. But what the participants find on the stage of “All Together Now” is a little different from what we have got used to. Starting with the dimension.

There are a total of 100 jurors who have to convince the candidates in disputes in which every vote can count. The votes are all the same, but in the event of a tie, the responsibility for the decision rests with Gisela João. The fado singer was elected president of the jury.

The latest promo of the program already shows a little of what NiT expected: Gisela João will also sing, but above all she will be moved. The singer has not avoided letting a few tears escape during certain performances, but promises to stand out from the assertive side as well.

“I am a singer and I know what courage it takes to be here and to be judged even by people who are at home. I want to hug them all and say, “You are the greatest, you are the greatest.” But in life it is important that they tell us the necessary things. Sometimes hearing something less good leads us down a path that is waiting for us and that we have not yet found, ”he explained.

This is what Cristina Ferreira emphasized to us at the time: “She brings us the daily joy of being a woman without fear and telling her what she wants”.

In the huge table under the direction of the fado singer, there are names from the most diverse areas and many familiar faces. Pedro Fernandes, Eduardo Madeira, Joaquim Sousa Martins, Rita Pereira, Ricardo Carriço, Pedro Teixeira and Fernanda Serrano are some of the many judges who will accompany Gisela João in the selection. Since there is no audience to fill the stands, they also have an important role in animation.

The dimension does not only extend to jurors. Because of the pandemic, “All Together Now” was recorded without an audience present. Nonetheless, TVI made the Altice Arena their home for this program and took advantage of the lack of concerts and events in the room to set up 2,500 square feet of studio ready to receive the new program.

In times of the pandemic, one of the greatest challenges would be to keep Covid-19 at a distance. Cristina Ferreira explained that the choice of the Altice Arena as the stage for “All Together Now” had something to do with it. The room has several departments and changing rooms, which can avoid the concentration of people. In addition, the jury members enter the room in small groups and are separated in their cubicles by acrylic paints. As with any other national aid production, testing with Covid-19 will be a constant resource.

What can we expect

The original program was conceived by the BBC and had two seasons, with Geri Horner, a former member of the Spice Girls, heading the jury. In 2019, it was the most customized program model in the world. The program is making a debut in Portugal, but there was already a Portuguese rookie, Rosete Caixinha, in the French edition who received the approval of the majority of judges to sing “Total Eclipse of The Heart”.

Solo singers and groups (maximum of six elements) can come on the stage of “All Together Now”. There were already some names of competitors here who had already tried their luck in other years and in other competitions. There is at least one girl band, the Staff, who have already reported on their participation on social media with a discreet hashtag. But from “Uma Canção Para Ti” to “The Voice Portugal”, which goes through the pioneer “Rain of Stars”, we return to the stage and look for new happiness with a different experience.

After the casting phase, the program has qualifiers. Here the hundred jurors will be decisive in the selection – in a certain way they even integrate themselves into the performance. When you press a button, the board where the judge is located changes color, a sign that you voted for the competitor. The more they join the competitor, the higher the score, of course. After the first qualifying round there is a semi-final (up to the grand final).

It’s the new bet from Cristina Ferreira.

“All Together Now” is a personal bet made by Cristina Ferreira herself on her return to TVI and promises to compete with the new edition of “Hell’s Kitchen” by Ljubomir Stanisic, which will debut in a week from SIC. Even before the program, the moderator assumed that the competition would be welcome.

“Given what I know about Ljubomir, it will surely be a record in his style and an extraordinary program too. It’s the Portuguese who decide, they can see who they want. In fact, you can see the two of them if you want. I haven’t changed a comma in this program, ”he emphasized.

The dispute over the hearings promises to continue on national television. Sunday night hours are still the most sought-after and TVI takes one of its biggest bets for this new season, led by the entertainment and fiction channel’s host and director.

“All Together Now” should start at 9.45 pm on the TVI antenna. From this hour the stage in the Altice Arena can be traced back to the new voices who want to reveal themselves to the country.

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