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all the best tweets after episode 14

Whoever says Friday is definitely saying a new episode of Koh Lanta: The 4 Lands. The opportunity for sofa adventurers to find the survivors of this new season. The eliminations continue, allowing Lola, Dorian, Brice, Loïc and Alexandra to reach the finals. This new episode allowed viewers to discover Dorian’s orientation skills, Alexandra’s acting skills, and Brice’s failure to face his compass. A 14th episode that was also played on Twitter. A new episode that immediately found itself at the top of Twitter Trends France. The opportunity for us to search the depths to regain the gratin. The crème de la crème of the Twittosphere after episode 14 of Koh-Lanta: The 4 countries can be discovered directly below.

# 1

Me when I saw that Loïc and Alexandra were going to the same place for orientation #KohLanta # KohLantaLes4Terres pic.twitter.com/3DCdlSNhWd

November 27, 2020

# 2

Dorian smokes boundaries and does a vlog in the jungle #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/RwR97nRW3u

November 27, 2020

# 3

MDRR Brice, who lets Lola go just before lifting the dagger #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/vVeWWFd5XB “It’s not easy how …”

November 27, 2020

# 4

All of France sees Alexandra approaching Loïc dangerously #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/Yuze2AYv2e

November 27, 2020

# 5

The second orientation test is to find Dorian #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/IChAbnWxBc

November 27, 2020

# 6

Yep Dorian, he’s looking for people instead of the dagger! #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/8wMWUjjkDL

November 27, 2020

# 7

Come on, I’ll give it to you for fun, it’s free mdrrrrr #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/oTsbQygDlu

November 27, 2020

# 8th

Only for this did she deserve to win the 100,000 #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/BeKNOEpt59

November 27, 2020

# 9

The cameraman when he saw Dorian fall #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/ZI4B9unIqi

November 27, 2020

# 10

Even if he had found the dagger, he would not have found Denis … # KohLanta pic.twitter.com/0zPWJU45W3

November 27, 2020

# 11

I really thought they were going to roll a shovel #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/7iDH6MmnNt

November 27, 2020

# 12

Alexandra sitting on the tag #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/5N9zebyOWd

November 27, 2020

# 13

Dorian represented his team well, he was far west during the orientation #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/VLOG2D5DhR

November 27, 2020

# 14

“You will be on your sofa and see me on the post” Loïc le goat. #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/2uNOhGHUOr

November 27, 2020

# 15

Dorian, who was walking in the Alps after a 4 hour trial period. # KohLanta2020 #KohLanta pic.twitter.com/BAqv5ynCVp

November 27, 2020

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