All Portuguese actors can be found on Netflix (and where they are)

All Portuguese actors can be found on Netflix (and where they are)

Nuno Lopes, Benedita Pereira, Diogo Morgado, Victoria Guerra, Dalila Carmo, Filipe Duarte, Pêpê Rapazote or Alba Baptista are on the list.

You are more than you expect.

2020 was the year Netflix and Portugal came together. Some of the major premieres, such as “White Lines” and “Warrior Nun”, had national actors as protagonists – in this case Nuno Lopes and Alba Baptista.

In another area, the streaming platform and the Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA) have launched a competition for Portuguese scriptwriters and directors. The winners were announced in August and will lead to some projects that could land on the platform itself. Vhils is one of the names on the list.

More importantly, the announcement of Netflix’s first Portuguese original series. “Glória” is a spy thriller directed by Tiago Guedes and written by Pedro Lopes. “The series is set in the 1960s at the height of the Cold War in the small village of Glória do Ribatejo, which is home to RARET, an American broadcast center that broadcasts Western propaganda to the Eastern Bloc. João Vidal, an engineer from families affiliated with the Estado Novo but recruited by the KGB, will take on several high-risk espionage missions that could change the course of Portuguese and world history, ”the abstract describes.

The cast consists of Miguel Nunes, Carolina Amaral, Victoria Guerra, Afonso Pimentel, Adriano Luz, Joana Ribeiro, Marcelo Urgeghe, Sandra Faleiro, Carloto Cotta, Maria João Pinho, Gonçalo Waddington, Inês Castel-Branco, Rafael Morais and Leonor Silveira. among other. The recordings in Lisbon and Ribatejo have already started.

“The One” should also have its premiere in 2020 – a British series with Albano Jerónimo as the protagonist. It was slated to debut in the fall, but no further details regarding the postponement of the project (which will include Miguel Amorim’s participation) have been released.

“The whole series is about a secret community of scientists who work for the state and have discovered one thing: There is a perfect DNA match with someone else in the world. That is, you have a perfect match at the DNA level with another person in the world. When you find that person, look no further because you have the perfect person for your life there. That’s basically it. And the government uses this to its advantage to control the population, they are maneuvers of social manipulation. What is my character doing here? I am the perfect complement to the protagonist. She is part of this secret organization and I am, for example, the everyday world. I am the earthly, “normal” side of the matter. She’s part of an English social elite, I’m the normal guy who’s the opposite of what the series is, ”Albano Jerónimo told NiT last May.

In addition to the most famous participations, there are many Portuguese actors – from several generations, in roles small and large – who participate in projects available on Netflix. Click on the gallery to view the list compiled by NiT.

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