All Overwatch 2 Support Heroes ranked from worst to best

Lastly out, Overwatch 2 has made vital modifications to just about each function on the battlefield, excluding Assist — however that doesn’t suggest that the stated class’ Heroes expertise the identical factor. Regardless that these steadfast healers and helpers proceed to operate as they all the time have, a few of them aren’t fairly as important in Overwatch 2 as a result of sport’s quick pacing and one-tank fashion of battle.

One might have face extra problem in working with some Assist Heroes than they might with Tanks. Nevertheless, for others, these changes spotlight their distinctive powers much more and provide them a bigger function to play in matches. Overwatch 2 solely has one new Assist-class Hero at launch, however as you will see, she’s shortly establishing herself as one of many biggest characters in her class within the sport’s meta.

Different fan-favorites may need been impacted on account of tiny modifications to their uniforms and the sport itself, nevertheless it’s vital to needless to say, more often than not, the proper staff composition could make any Hero a spectacular addition. Some are simply extra suited to basic use, whereas others could also be used on uncommon events.

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A comparability of all eight Assist Heroes in Overwatch 2

8) Mercy

Did someone call a doctor? (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Did somebody name a health care provider? (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Mercy is the assist character that may have benefited essentially the most from modifications to make her slot in with Overwatch 2’s new organizational scheme. Sadly, she’s nonetheless Mercy, and there is not a lot she will be able to do in a state of affairs with just one tank and a squad of opponents who ceaselessly have healers with better DPS capabilities.

Mercy continues to be wonderful at therapeutic, and her elevated attacking energy could be often helpful. Nevertheless, conserving her alive lengthy sufficient for both expertise for use is a problem. Her solely weapon of alternative is an automated handgun, and she will be able to solely transfer slowly however steadily whereas dashing.

Nevertheless, within the appropriate staff compositions – notably with companions you’ll be able to cooperate with – you’ll be able to conceal Mercy behind a reliable tank or DPS and nonetheless help with pushing them to victory.

7) Zenyatta

Amid discord, we will find tranquility (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Amid discord, we are going to discover tranquility (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Zenyatta is one other assist who would’ve benefited from greater than a easy new flashy kick. His configuration encourages good play, whereas Zenyatta’s Orb of Destruction can assist shortly put on out adversarial groups.

This talent was important within the unique Overwatch to empty a tank’s well being whereas Zen might nonetheless present assist for allies with therapeutic and a good assault. He can nonetheless achieve this, albeit not as efficiently as he as soon as did.

Nevertheless, in comparison with its predecessor, Overwatch 2 performs considerably faster. Should you’re shut sufficient to use a debuff to an adversary, it is best to usually be assaulting them as an alternative as a result of sustaining the road of sight required to maintain making use of therapeutic or debuff is tougher.

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Just like Mercy, Zenyatta wants a potent tank to hold round with — and a dedicated healer to make up for his personal dearth of therapeutic decisions. Wait to see who your folks select if you wish to choose this specific Hero.

6) Moira

Push your limits. Nothing breaks that I cannot mend (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Push your limits. Nothing breaks that I can not mend (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Moira takes up an uncommon place in Overwatch 2. Theoretically, she is among the extra user-friendly heroes, with stronger therapeutic than Zenyatta and adequate DPS to compete even when there isn’t a one to soak up the brunt of an assault.

Moira’s biotic energy permits her to heal folks whereas attacking foes and regenerating her well being on the identical time. Should you come into contact with an adversary alone, you’ll be able to maintain them off utilizing Biotic Grasp and erratic motion to keep away from getting hit.

Till they uncover your sample, that’s. Moira travels slowly, and Biotic Grasp’s small vary necessitates her to be near an enemy, making her simpler to defeat. If her Biotic Orb makes contact, which is especially difficult on Overwatch 2’s bigger, extra open maps, it has the potential to supply vital therapeutic and DPS harm.

5) Brigitte

Breaking me down just builds me up (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Breaking me down simply builds me up (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

With a variety of abilities that permit her to break, defend, and heal – typically unexpectedly – Brigitte performs nicely within the new Overwatch. Should you’re striving to outlive a tough battle, her flail strike can heal close by teammates for modest quantities of HP, however her dedicated therapeutic means is superior.

It has three expenses, a superb quantity of HP therapeutic, and an incredible vary. Whenever you mix Brigitte’s defensive protect with bash assaults, you create one of many biggest on-field medical doctors within the sport.

Whereas her tempo and weapon choice maintain her again, the flail is a formidable weapon. She has a sluggish attacking velocity and is susceptible to counterattacks even when she initiates her personal assault.

Even when Brigitte is not utilizing her protect, her motion is already sluggish, making it easy for foes to encompass and overpower her. She was given DPS powers by Blizzard, though she ought to all the time be subsequent to a tank or a correct DPS unit.

4) Baptiste

I've done things I'm not proud of. Time to start making up for it (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
I’ve carried out issues I am not happy with. Time to start out making up for it (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Baptiste seems first to be a easy, unassuming healer — simply your common medic with a gun, and to some extent, he’s. Though his package lacks a few of the extra eye-catching assist parts of a few of the high Assist Heroes, it does provide one of the vital reliable sources of therapeutic and allows him to compete in most confrontations.

Baptiste’s main assault is a potent biotic blast, and he has the flexibility to regulate the gun’s settings in order that it fires therapeutic rounds as an alternative. Even far-off teammates could be stored alive with ease due to his therapeutic rounds’ lengthy vary and fast cooldown timeframe.

Baptiste: “That is not the way you’re supposed to make use of these boots!”You get this voice line once you kill enemy Baptiste whereas they’re utilizing the exo-boots 😭

Even less complicated is his Immortality Area, which, whereas a participant is inside it, successfully shields teammates from demise. Moreover, he possesses a particular means that will increase the efficiency of therapeutic and damaging bullets that cross by means of it. When mixed with the Immortality Area, your whole occasion will be capable to dig in and combat for eons.

The drawback is that not one of the therapeutic skills actually heal Baptiste, so even when he is a superb healer himself, he actually requires another person to keep up him in fine condition.

3) Ana

I will not leave a broken world behind (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
I cannot depart a damaged world behind (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Baptiste might have superior therapeutic abilities in Overwatch 2, however Ana has a way more intriguing skillset that may accommodate a wide range of playstyles and supply help along with therapeutic.

She’s a talented sniper in Overwatch 2, whose rounds trigger vital harm once they hit their goal. Her therapeutic energy fires a medical grenade at teammates, nevertheless it additionally performs different issues.

Ana’s grenade will increase therapeutic for these it hits, harms opponents close by, and stops them from getting healed for a short time frame. Ana receives a sleeping dart that additionally works at a distance as an alternative of a dash.

I used to be NOT conscious of this loopy Ana spot in Overwatch 2

The disadvantages could also be apparent. Ana is slower than you may anticipate for a Assist character, struggles in close-quarters fights, and takes a little bit extra finesse than common.

Since she will be able to paralyze the vast majority of her adversaries close by and flee to security when quickly cornered, her benefits far exceed her disadvantages. Merely control the battlefield. There is not a lot you are able to do if an opponent discovers your hiding spot and approaches covertly.

2) Kiriko

So... I might sometimes pop out of thin air right next to you. Do not shoot me (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
So… I’d typically come out of skinny air proper subsequent to you. Don’t shoot me (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Since Kiriko possesses a wide range of abilities, it is best to contemplate her as sharing the primary place with Lucio because the best Assist character in Overwatch 2. Her fundamental configuration is equivalent to Mercy’s, nevertheless it’s been tweaked particularly for Overwatch 2.

Kiriko offers important hits and inflicts harm on enemies with Kunai. Her therapeutic Hanafuda does not have a cooldown timer in Overwatch 2, and so they may even goal enemies at shut vary the place there is a decrease probability of them being blocked or destroyed. Nevertheless, they work greatest once they’re near the goal.

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She has Genji’s means to scale partitions, so you’ll be able to sustain with fast DPS models like Tracer and the ninja himself. Kiriko can make the most of Fast Steps to swiftly teleport to the your goal’s aspect in the event that they begin to stray too distant. This expertise is a swift, extra reliable variant of Mercy’s sprint that may also be used as an escape tactic in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror Occasion New Legendary Witch Kiriko Pores and skin 🪄 A brand new horror is coming…🎃#Overwatch2

Though you could actually be near allies for this to be efficient, Kiriko’s final generates a surge of non secular power that shortens their skills’ cooldowns whereas rising their motion and assault speeds. Her Safety Suzu, like Baptiste’s, generates a tiny zone of safety.

The safety is efficient in and of itself, however relying on how dominant Junker Queen develops within the Overwatch 2 meta, it could be one of the vital helpful skills. Suzu’s safety is now the only real strategy to restore the injuries inflicted by Junker Queen, and it additionally disables Ana’s anti-heal impact.

1) Lucio

I make this look good! Real good (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
I make this look good! Actual good (Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure)

Final however not least, Lucio, who continues to carry the highest spot for best Assist character in Overwatch 2 as he did within the earlier sport, is obvious with only a brief look at his setup. Each time he maintains a line of sight on an ally, he constantly heals them.

He can even swap between songs at any time, which speeds his motion to at least one that heals. On this sense, Lucio serves as an all-purpose Assist character, helping your staff in shortly reaching their objectives and subsequently preserving their lives once they dig in and interact in fight.

Lucio’s means considerably will increase the influence of no matter music he is enjoying, and whereas it has a reasonably lengthy cooldown timeframe, he is not with out choices to guard himself and his staff.

inviting a lucio who trolls 24/7 to play overwatch 2 was a mistake

Along with his sound gun, Lucio may cause reasonable harm to opponents with well-timed blasts, and he can throw an enormous wave to knock them again in alt-fire mode.

Though Lucio’s final is easy in Overwatch 2, additionally it is one of the vital useful within the sport as a result of it offers buddies within the fast space extra well being than they might usually get. He is one of many few characters who can accomplish this, together with Junker Queen.

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