All Overwatch 2 Damage Hero tier lists

Overwatch 2 is the successor to the favored hero-shooter title of the identical identify from 2016. It includes two groups of 5 gamers every, who choose Heroes with distinctive powers and talents to attain the match’s goal. They belong to a sure position – Injury, Help, and Tank, with every having its personal obligations within the match and being restricted to it.

Injury Heroes are chargeable for getting as many eliminations within the match as potential with the help of their Help and Tank teammates. Just like the identify, they deal injury to enemies by looking for them out. Their talents are designed in such a method that permits them to have interaction in fight effectively and successfully over different Heroes.

This text takes a take a look at all of the Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2 and assigns them to the tier record.

Exploring all Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s completely different roles and Heroes enable all playstyles to shine in a match. Injury being probably the most sought-after roles, gamers have a complete of 17 Heroes in that class to select from. This is how they stack up in opposition to one another in Season One:

Overwatch 2 Damage Heroes Tier list (Image via Tiermaker)
Overwatch 2 Injury Heroes Tier record (Picture through Tiermaker)


S-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
S-Tier Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Photos through Blizzard)
  • Genji
  • Soldier 76
  • Widowmaker

Genji is a ninja fitted with cybernetic enhancements. Being a Cyborg Ninja, he can traverse by means of the map in contrast to another Hero. His talents are principally shut ranged, that means gamers should be within the face of their enemies to have the ability to maximize his potential within the match. Being a high-skilled Hero in Overwatch 2, he solely shines within the arms of some and when he does, he’s devastating.

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Soldier 76 is likely one of the best Heroes to be taught and use. He can heal himself and his teammates and in addition shoot rocket projectiles, good for mid-range in addition to long-range engagements. What makes him actually particular is his Final, which offers its customers with aimbot-like talents for a brief length.

Widowmaker is the right sniper. She will snipe from behind or go to the entrance strains as her weapon turns computerized when shot from the hip. Nonetheless, to actually maximize her potential, she needs to be utilizing her Sniper as when it’s charged, and utterly annihilate her foes. Furthermore, her talents enable her to place herself vertically and in addition lure enemies utilizing her Venom mine that offers injury.


A-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
A-Tier Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Photos through Blizzard)
  • Tracer
  • Sojourn
  • Hanzo
  • Ashe
  • Pharah

Tracer is understood for her fast actions and skill to teleport to a earlier location. Her final, when mixed together with her quick motion capabilities, enable her to go deep into the enemy strains and deal heavy injury to her foes.

Sojourn is a brand new addition to Overwatch 2. She is very cell and is the right choose for mid-range engagements. Her final capacity permits her to fireside a number of photographs in fast succession that offers excessive injury and is an incredible option to take down Tanks.

Hanzo is an old-school bow-and-arrow Hero. He’s a extremely expert Hero and could be devastating, supplied he can land his photographs. Whereas not the perfect character to choose in opposition to quick-moving targets, he can simply take down enemies from a distance supplied he has the quilt of his teammates. Hanzo’s final is nice to annihilate enemies who’re grouped collectively in a small space.

Ashe is to not be underestimated. She shines in shut and mid-range engagements and her Final spawns her Omnic buddy that assists her in her endeavors. Furthermore, her capacity to push enemies again which are onto her is a wonderful solution to evade them when they’re shut.

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Pharah is ready to deal excessive injury and because of her talents, she brings verticality into play. Her Barrage capacity offers a injury of 1,240 per second, which permits her to take down hordes of enemies or clear a web site simply.


B-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
B-Tier Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Photos through Blizzard)

Cassidy fights primarily together with his revolver. Whereas such a weapon could not sound a lot in opposition to rockets and swords, it carries excessive injury potential. His final capacity, Deadeye, permits him to get a number of kills supplied they’re in his line of sight.

Junkrat is usually claimed to be the selection of gamers who need to annoy their enemies. His traps can cease enemies from shifting and make them a better goal to shoot at. RIP-Tire permits him to remove enemies from a distance by letting it roll and easily detonating it close to the enemies.

Reaper is a darkish and mysterious determine. He’s nice for flanking enemies and might rapidly evade them utilizing his Wraith Type, which permits bullets to move by means of him with out taking any injury, together with secure repositioning as nicely.


C-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
C-Tier Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Photos through Blizzard)

Echo is nice for verticality. Being an AI pushed robotic, she will immediately rework herself into an enemy Hero and use their talents. Nonetheless, what will get her within the C-tier is her capacity to deal extra injury by benefiting from vertical positions.

Bastion is an omnic bot, and regardless of being able to high-damage output, it lacks mobility. This makes the robotic a straightforward goal and with out correct help, it will not have the ability to have an effect on the match in any significant method.

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Symmetra, though a Injury hero, behaves extra like a jack of all trades and a grasp of none. For her to have a serious contribution, she should consistently hit her targets as her weapon’s injury output rises so long as it’s related to her enemies.

Her Final permits her to deploy a barrier that protects her and her teammates from ranged assaults. Being a Injury Hero, her capacity set does not fairly present her with instruments to get eliminations simply.


E-Tier Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Images via Blizzard)
E-Tier Injury Heroes in Overwatch 2 (Photos through Blizzard)

Sombra winds up missing in relation to her injury dealing talents. She will hack her targets to deal extra injury. But when they are not hacked, her talents deal far much less injury, making her not the perfect alternative in a wide range of situations.

Equally, Mei’s distinctive capacity is to freeze her enemies to deal injury, or freeze herself to keep away from enemy hits. Aside from that, she performs out principally nicely as a help participant, slowing down enemies and constructing partitions to dam off pathways.



Torbjörn’s greatest draw back is his lack of motion functionality. Moreover, his weapon fires slowly and is not most popular for close-range fights. Whereas the Hero can setup turrets that focus on enemies, they are often immediately taken down and take fairly some time to recharge.

His utility set permits him to carry a web site and never be aggressive. However even then, it does not do sufficient to have the ability to defend an space from his foes.

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