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All of Us Are Dead: The new Netflix series is a zombie apocalypse

All of Us Are Dead: The new Netflix series is a zombie apocalypse

It has eight episodes full of suspense and action with youthful protagonists. Everything happens in a high school. And there’s a “Squid Game” actress in the cast.

In recent years, South Korean pop culture has become increasingly present in the West. On the one hand, numerous K-Pop groups and musicians have become references in Europe and North America. On the other hand, cinema and television are also on the rise in the Asian country.

Parasite, Bong Joon Ho’s film which became the first non-English language film to win the Best Picture Oscar; and the Netflix series Squid Game, which became the biggest global television phenomenon of 2021, are recent examples demonstrating this.

The same streaming platform has heavily bet on other South Korean productions. One of them entered the catalog this Friday, January 28 and promises. It’s called “All of Us Are Dead” and tells the story of a zombie apocalypse that takes place in a high school in South Korea.

Due to a scientific experiment gone awry, this high school becomes the epicenter of a far more serious pandemic than Covid-19 – where people, when contaminated, turn into violent, bloodthirsty zombies.

As countless students become part of the plague that spreads across the city, there is a group of students who resist in the high school. The narrative follows the survivors and their desperate attempts to stay alive.

They’re stuck in school and don’t have cell phones to ask for help or food. The tension will grow with the moral dilemmas at stake and the friendships between teens challenged. Also, these are impulsive youngsters – not thoughtful adults who could make more sensible decisions in a crisis situation.

In addition, these zombies don’t seem like the slow and fragile creatures that we often see in other series and movies. They are fierce, fast and extremely dangerous. The survivors must band together to face the threat.

All of Us Are Dead is based on a webtoon – a digital comic – called Now at Our School, which was created by Joo Dong-geun and had 130 chapters published between 2009 and 2011. It was adapted from Cheon Seong-il and has eight episodes. Netflix announced that it would make the adaptation in April 2020.

The cast of this series includes names like Harrison Xu, Victoria Grace, Darren Keilan, Lisa Yamada, Lee Yoo-mi (Squid Game actress), Rich Ting, Chase Yi or Yi-Hyun Cho, among others. Considering the characteristics of the series, many are already expecting this to be the big hit for Netflix.

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