All Might’s head is mocked and parodied by all internet users (15 tweets)

The cover of Volume 31 of My Hero Academia has just been unveiled, and if everyone agrees that the overall aesthetic is quite successful, then All Might’s head seems to be a problem for some (many) internet users. . The character we see smiling all the time doesn’t open his mouth on this new cover, which can only amaze the anime.

We invite you to find the 15 best reactions and distractions from internet users on social networks.


Everything could look like an Easter statue

July 29, 2021


All Might’s Head I’ll Wake up Town looks like a racist

July 29, 2021


If you put his mustache there, he’ll become Hulk Hogan

July 29, 2021


Why could he look like a villager in Minecraft?

July 29, 2021


All power and John is the perfect moment to take the picture of the all cena team

July 29, 2021


everything could really be said:

July 29, 2021


All Might’s head is worthy of a creepy pasta

July 29, 2021


You might have been right about Masai’s plan, oh my god

July 28, 2021




do you like yourself My impression is that All Might looks like Re Destro

July 29, 2021


All could:

July 29, 2021


They still managed to put everything in tt for the cover ptdrr

July 29, 2021


Allmight said

July 28, 2021


We prefer him smiling All Might

July 29, 2021

And you, what do you think of All Might’s face on this cover? We’ll let you answer our survey and through our comment area! And if you’re a fan of My Hero Academia, you can always take our previous personality test to find out what quirk you would have had in the Deku universe.

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