All House exclusive quests in Hogwarts Legacy and how to complete them

Hogwarts Legacy gives an unique Wizarding World expertise, tying in the principle story completely with the participant’s alternative of home. The fourteenth primary quest differs based mostly on the home of alternative. A teammate from the gamers’ home helps them find the ebook’s lacking pages and the ghost of Richard Jackdaw.

Hogwarts College of Witchcraft and Wizardry consists of 4 homes, Gryffindor, recognized for bravery; Hufflepuff recognized for loyalty; Ravenclaw recognized for intelligence; and Slytherin recognized for ambition.

Gamers select one of many 4 homes throughout the first hours of Hogwarts Legacy, and that impacts which quests get unlocked.

The way to full the Home unique quests in Hogwarts Legacy

Every of the 4 homes in Hogwarts Legacy has an unique quest, which is unlocked after the Trials of Merlin and is adopted by Jackdaw’s Relaxation. As per the story, this mission leads the participant to ghost Richard Jackdaw seeking the lacking pages from the ebook. The quests for the 4 homes are,

  • Gryffindor: The Hunt for the Lacking Pages
  • Hufflepuff: Prisoner of Love
  • Ravenclaw: Ollivander’s Heirloom
  • Slytherin: Scrope’s Final Hope


With that being stated, let us take a look at the best way to full every house-exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

The way to full The Hunt for the Lacking Pages Gryffindor unique quest

Gryffindor exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)
Gryffindor unique quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Picture by way of WB Video games)
  • Begin the Gryffindor unique Hogwarts Legacy quest by talking with Practically Headless Nick, which may be discovered floating round within the Home Hourglass within the Gryffindor widespread room. He’ll state that he is aware of concerning the lacking pages and can assist you in alternate for you serving to him.
  • Practically Headless will speak about how he desires to hitch the Headless Hunt and so desires to convey so hopes to convey one thing in hopes of a superb impression.
  • After this, head to the Hogwarts Kitchen, under the Nice Corridor. Enter the Kitchen by ticking the pear on the portrait down the hall from the Hufflepuff Home’s hall.
  • Within the kitchen, discover a piece of rotten roast beef inside a barrel. As ghosts’ sense of style may be very faint, they want strong-tasting and infrequently foul meals to realize any semblance of taste.
  • Afterward, head to the Hogsmeade Cemetery in Hogsmeade, and discover the Pumpkin Discipline close by. Practically Headless Nick once more will get rejected from becoming a member of the Headless Hunt, however you’re going to get consent to talk with Richard Jackdaw.
  • After this, attempt to discover Richard Jackdaw’s head by smashing the pumpkin he’s hiding in. The pumpkin will barely develop and bounce as you get nearer to it. Use the essential solid to smash it.
  • Do that 5 instances, and you’ll lastly be capable of speak to Richard Jackdaw, ending the hunt.
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The way to full Prisoner of Love Hufflepuff unique quest

Hufflepuff exclusvie quest in Hogwarts Legacy (image via WB Games)
Hufflepuff exclusvie quest in Hogwarts Legacy (picture by way of WB Video games)
  • Begin the Hufflepuff unique Hogwarts Legacy quest by talking to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory, the previous Minister of Magic, which may be discovered within the Hufflepuff widespread room. He’ll state that’s linked with a homicide case his niece investigated years in the past and that you must remedy the case to find the lacking pages.
  • Head out of Hogwarts to Higher Hogsfield and discover Helen Thristlewood, niece of Eldritch Diggory and a retired Auror, in her cottage. Helen explains the homicide case of how a boy named Richard Jackdaw went lacking and a woman named Anne was accused and condemned to life in Azkaban.
  • After this, you’ll journey to Azkaban with Helen the place you’ll meet with a bunch of Dementors, however Helen will shield with Expecto Patronum.
  • Head over to Anne’s cell and communicate together with her. She’s going to let you know and Helen that Jackdaw has hidden one thing in a vault close to Higher Hogsfield. Anne may even strike at Helen, injuring her earlier than you and Helen apparate out of there.
  • Again in Higher Hogsfield, Helen will let you know to search for the vault earlier than apparating. Observe the highway down the hill and go the dam to succeed in the doorway of a small cave.
  • As soon as inside, remedy the puzzle by utilizing Revelio to determine which wrungs you’ll be able to pull after which pull them with Accio accordingly.
  • Find the Jackdaw’s Clue scroll on a pedestal within the left nook. Take it and go away the vault, the place you’ll meet Jackdaw’s ghost. After having a dialog, the mission ends.
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The way to full Ollivander’s Heirloom Ravenclaw unique quest

Ravenclaw exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)
Ravenclaw unique quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Picture by way of WB Video games)
  • Begin the Raven claw unique Hogwarts Legacy quest by heading over to Hogsmeade and talking with Olivander. He asks to your assist discovering a particular wand he has been lacking for years.
  • The wand was taken by a person named Richard Jackdaw, and Olivander suspects there is perhaps clues close to the Owlery.
  • Head over to the Owlery the place you’ll discover small rings within the alcoves the place the owls relaxation. You’ll be able to pull these rings utilizing Accio. Discover three Jackdaw statues hidden behind these rings.
  • Place the three statuses as prompted under, then head again as much as pull down the ringed plates to get two extra Jackdaw statues and gold luggage.
  • Place the 2 statuses with the others to set off a gust of wind to hold you up. There you’ll meet the ghost of Richard Jackdaw, who will let you know concerning the wand and the lacking pages.

The way to full Scrope’s Final Hope Slytherin unique quest

Slytherin exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)
Slytherin unique quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Picture by way of WB Video games)
  • To start out the Slytherin-exclusive Hogwarts Legacy quest, head to the courtyard Floo Flame location and discover a mysterious be aware within the Gryffin statue’s mouth.
  • The be aware asks you to cross the picket bridge and discover the subsequent one because it is not secure to talk in public.
  • The subsequent be aware will likely be on prime of a rock after crossing the bridge, and you should utilize Accio to get it. This be aware will ask you to seek for the pumpkins for the ultimate be aware down the hill.
  • Break the pumpkins utilizing a fundamental solid and discover the third and last be aware inside a bigger pumpkin.
  • After this, meet Scrope, the Headmaster’s home elf, in particular person, who will clarify that his former mistress Apollonia Black knew concerning the lacking pages.
  • After this, Scrope directs you towards a grotto the place you’ll have to place a slice of toast on a pedestal.
  • Observe the shoreline to a cliff face under Hogwarts, the place you can find a small cave you’ll be able to swim into.
  • Contained in the cave, you can find a large squid mural and the pedestal Scrope talked about. Work together with the pedestal to for the mural to activate and settle for the toast, unlocking a passageway.
  • Contained in the grotto, you can find Apollonia Black’s journal in addition to the ghost of Richard Jackdaw. The mission ends after speaking to him.
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Hogwarts Legacy may be performed on PS5, Xbox Collection X|S, and PC by way of Steam and Epic Video games Retailer. Final-generation PS4, Xbox One, and a Change model are set for launch later this yr.

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