All Fnac records are discounted until Sunday

All Fnac records are discounted until Sunday

The promotion only excludes pre-sales and records that are sold in the market. You can reach 50%.

Enjoy discounts on thousands of records.

Good news for music fans: From Monday, November 22nd until Sunday, November 29th, all records for sale in Fnac shops will be reduced by at least 25 percent. It’s the brand’s special Black Friday campaign for music lovers.

The promotions only do not include the pre-order albums and the albums available in the market online. Plus, they’re all available at discounted prices – and they can even make a nice Christmas present.

Just visit the Fnac website to see the specific discount for each CD. Many of them are available in 50 percent promotions when it comes to special editions. This is the case, for example, with a pack of “The Monster Needs Friends” by Ornatos Violeta, which contains two LPs, a CD and a cassette.

“Power Up” from AC / DC; “Gazela” by Capitão Fausto; “Kriola” by Dino D’Santiago; “Metrobolist” by David Bowie; “Boy” from U2; “Letter To You” by Bruce Springsteen; “Lateralus” from Tool; and “Delicate Sound of Thunder” by Pink Floyd; are some of the many discs available at 25 percent discount.

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