All Destiny 2 Anti-Champion Exotic Weapons and Armor (2022)

Future 2 developer Bungie has a behavior of together with anti-champion mods with each seasonal artifact. These mods normally add particular anti-champion rounds to particular weapon sorts and eat no less than one vitality slot on the arm armor piece.

For higher-tier PvE actions, Guardians want no less than two anti-champion mods on their arm armor items to assist stun the extra champions that spawn in these actions. Nevertheless, Future 2 has a substantial variety of Unique weapons and armor items that include intrinsic Anti-Champion perks. Not solely does this open up new weapon mixture potentialities, but it surely additionally offers Guardians extra scope to equip another mods that might proc properly with their construct.

With that mentioned, listed here are all of the Unique weapons and armor items with intrinsic Anti-Champion perks within the recreation.

All Future 2 Exotics with Anti-Champion perks


Guardians will come throughout three particular forms of Champions in Future 2. Every Champion could be surprised by a mod or a perk that matches their sort. Under, now we have talked about the various kinds of Champions and the Exotics with particular Anti-Champion perks.

1) Barrier Champions


Barrier Champions are small mini-bosses that Guardians will encounter in Future 2. Once they obtain round 1/2 to 1/3 injury to their well being, they pop a protect. When this protect is lively, they regain misplaced well being. The one approach to cease them from regenerating well being and weakening is by gorgeous them with an Anti-Barrier weapon. The Exotics that do that are:

  • Arbalest (Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle)
  • Want-Ender (Kinetic Bow)
  • Lament (Photo voltaic Sword – Anti-Barrier perk is lively solely when the Sword is revved)
  • Eriana’s Vow (Photo voltaic Hand Cannon)
  • Second Probability (Titan Arms Unique – Anti-Barrier perk is lively with the protect throw Void melee potential)
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2) Unstoppable Champions


In contrast to Anti-Barrier Champions in Future 2, the Unstoppable Champions do not pop any further shields. As an alternative, until they’re surprised, they take very much less injury and can maintain charging on the Guardian. An Unstoppable mod is critical to stun them. Weapons and armor items with intrinsic Unstoppable perks are as follows:

  • Bastion (Arc Linear Fusion Rifle)
  • Malfeasance (Kinetic Hand Cannon)
  • Satan’s Damage ( Photo voltaic Hand Cannon)
  • Leviathan’s Breath (Void Bow)
  • Athyr’s Embrace (Hunter Arms Unique – Photo voltaic weighted knives stun Unstoppable Champions)

3) Overload Champions


With out the Anti-Overload mods, it is difficult to stagger Overload Champions. They do not lose that a lot well being, and until they’re staggered, taking chunks out of their well being bar is hard as a result of they maintain regenerating well being quickly.

  • Divinity (ArcTrace Rifle)
  • Le Monarque (Void Bow)
  • Thunderlord (Arc Machine Gun)
  • Secant Filaments (Warlock Unique Boots – Empowering rifts grant overload pictures)

In Conclusion

These are all of the Unique weapons and armor items that include intrinsic Anti-Champion perks. Most of those weapons could be acquired from the Monument to Misplaced Gentle on the Tower.

Some weapons, just like the Malfeasance and the Want-Ender, have their very own questlines that Guardians must full to unlock them. The Unique Armor, nevertheless, could be picked up by finishing Legend and Grasp Misplaced Sectors at any time when they’re in rotation.

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