All Dead Space remake weapons and how to obtain them

As a linear survival horror title, weapons in Useless House remake are generally the one device to outlive an oncoming horde or necromorph. From the long-lasting Plasma Cutter to the devastating Drive Gun, gamers have a selective alternative of weapons to equip and face the enemies in USG Ishimura.

The Useless House remake stays true to the unique title’s gloomy and creepy environment, retaining the horror elements, while updating the visible and high quality of life adjustments for a modern-day title.

Tips on how to receive all Useless House remake weapons?

A complete of seven weapons are making their return within the Useless House remake, apart from the key Foam Finger Hand Canon. The next may be discovered all through the marketing campaign:

  • Plasma Cutter
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Ripper
  • Flamethrower
  • Contact Beam
  • Line Gun
  • Drive Gun


These weapons can tbe acquired throughout the marketing campaign in numerous chapters. Let’s focus on beneath how and the place you will see them, in addition to their major and secondary fires.

  • Plasma Cutter – The Plasma Cutter is essentially the most iconic weapon of Useless House and it’s the first weapon Isaac acquires. At the start of the sport in Chapter 1, the protagonist picks up the weapon after being separated from his crew and chased by the necromorphs. The alternate fireplace of this weapon alternates between a horizontal or a vertical reticle to simply shoot off completely different limbs of the necromorphs.
  • Pulse Rifle – In Chapter 2 of Useless House remake, once you’ll be given the target to get the captain’s rig and the primary clearance stage. On the best way, you will cross a useless physique within the Medical Tram Station. You will come throughout the Pulse Rifle beside the useless physique. It has a excessive fireplace price and is ideal to burst glowing sacs or exploding physique components of the necromorphs. The alternate fireplace drops down a proximity mine for an AOE assault.
  • Ripper – Throughout Useless House remake Chapter 3, you are tasked with the target “Refuel the Engines (South)”. In Engineering, head over to the machine store the place you will discover a headless corpse. The Ripper is situated beneath the corpse. The Ripper is finest for close-range assaults, holding its major assault turns it right into a noticed, finest used to chop off necromorph’s limbs. The alternate fireplace shoots a blade that may ricochet and harm a number of enemies, and as such, it’s best utilized in a room for an AOE assault.
  • Flamethrower – After activating the Centrifuge in chapter 3 of the Useless House remake, you will be tasked with manually igniting the engines. On the best way to the Gas Storage in Engineering, it’s important to undergo a tunnel coated in Necromorphs. Simply earlier than the tunnel, the flamethrower is discovered. It’s good for coping with smaller crowds of enemies, engulfing them in flames, whereas the alternate fireplace shoots a projectile that creates a wall of flame on impression, protecting enemies at a distance.
  • Contact Beam – Throughout Chapter 4, you are tasked with rerouting energy from the Mining Administration. You will come throughout Document Workplace on Administration. It will require safety clearance stage two to open the doorways. The Contract Beams are situated within the Document Workplace. It fires a steady line of vitality good for slicing off necromorph limbs or bursting one open. The secondary is charged laser shot that’s nice for taking down bosses.
  • Line Gun – Throughout chapter 5, once you’re operating away from the Hunter, you will come throughout the Line Gun within the Emergency Gear Storage room on Medical. Stage two safety clearance is required to enter this room. Because the Hunter is an unkillable enemy at this stage, it may be a good suggestion to skip it through the chase and circle again later to get it, as a substitute of getting killed by the Hunter attempting to get the weapon. The Line Gun acts like an upgraded model of the Plasma Cutter with a much bigger space of impact. The secondary fireplace shoots a laser mine that may take off necromorph limbs.
  • Drive Gun – Throughout Chapter 6, after combating a horde of enemies within the massive room with the elevate within the middle, you will be tasked with injecting the primary Wheezer. Throughout this time, you will find the Drive Gun within the West Seeding Room A on Hydroponics. The weapon has a brief vary however is nice for blasting enemies away. The secondary fireplace creates a gravity nicely that pulls enemies collectively.
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The Useless House remake is out there on PS5, Xbox Collection X|S, and PC by way of Steam, Epic Video games Retailer, and the EA app. The sport can be included within the EA Play Professional subscription providers.

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